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Tea Thyme and Lavender

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12675 SW 1st St, Beaverton, OR 97005, USA 503-644-6361 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Magdalen


      We were a little skeptical upon arriving, mainly because the place is a bit cluttered. But we were pleasantly surprised. Our tea was lovely- I got the Vanilla black- and was kept refilled. The food was absolutely scrumptious! Warm brie with walnuts on a croissant with a lavender scone- oh my goodness! SO GOOD. And the french cake was amazing. Claire was absolutely delightful and was happy to serve us. We had just left a different tea room due to a overly fussy and obnoxious hostess. We were happy to find her. The place could probably use some organization and less inventory around. But That will not deter us from coming back.

    • Jo


      My friend and I celebrate our birthdays by going some place to share a long and lovely 'tea' in, hopefully, a place new to us. This year we found a delightful place at Tea Thyme and Lavender. Given one of the previous reviews, expectations were low. What a nice surprise to be able to spend 3 or 4 hours in a cozy, not crowded, place. The food was just fine and the tea in a bag, I own these myself, was very nice and was kept topped up with hot water, just as I've had it in England, though our very friendly and helpful hostess is French. I'm sure we will go back to have at least tea and scones, to find out what new delights have been added to the menu, and, to the very clean, tidy and interesting stock of antiques and collectibles. Thank you, dear lady, for your hospitality.

    • Helen


      I just love this Tea Thyme and Lavender, Claire is so friendly and the set up although not open like a normal tea room feels very cozy and personal. It is a wonderful place to go with friends for good conversation and a cup of warm yummy tea. I am unfortunately allergic to Lavender so I was not able to try the scones, but my friend thought they tasted amazing. I highly recommend this tea shop for a day out with the girls. Plus you get to look at cute antiques while your there.

    • Mary Kowal


      I should preface this by saying that while we were in the shop, everyone was lovely. The tea itself is much as Sally describes, tightly packed in the middle of an antique store. The pastry was on the sweet side to my palette but not off-putting. The lavender scones were very yummy and worth a trip. But. I cannot recommend this shop. I parked my car in the lot. We had a lovely time, I had tea, we bought some antiques. We left as the shop was closing and had an errand to run close by so I left my car in the lot. When I returned less than an hour later, my car had been towed. When I asked for help getting this resolved with the towing company the owner, Claire, said that she thought it was 'unfair' of me to think she should be involved and hung up on me. I posted a negative review and then complained to the Better Business Bureau to which she responded that she hoped she would 'not be forced into seeking a legal remedy.' Customer service = fail

    • claire


      In response to Sally's comment of October 13th. So sorry you did not enjoy your visit.We DO NOT offer pre made teabags.Our Tea is loose leaves tea, we put it a tea sac to make our own bags. It does work better than the traditional metallic tea ball that restrict the space for the leaves to expend and to release all their flavor,the tea sac gives plenty of space. We are always happy to bring our customers more hot water as they ask. We have gotten an overwhelming positive response to setting tables within the store. Customers find it charming. And yes our menu is for a French tea not a British tea and can be viewed on our website @ www.teathymeandlavender.com

    • Janette & Molly


      A friend and I went to this 'tearoom' when it was first opened a couple of years ago. It was then situated in one room - 4 tables were placed within the gift shop and it felt very claustrophobic. The owner - an extremely friendly and pleasant woman - explained they were hoping to expand into the adjoining building, which they have now done. I therefore expected there to be much more room given over to the tea room - after all it IS called Tea Thyme and Lavender - but this is not the case. There are still 4 tables in the front part of the store among all of the gift shelving. If you are taking tea it feels very cluttered and 'busy' about you as they have a tremendous amount of inventory. We didnt feel this was very conducive to the tea experience, because if you are shopping you either have to squeeze behind the people taking tea or pass on this entire section of the store if you dont want to disturb the diners. It would have been much better to keep one room for the tea room and one room for the gift store, although they have so much stock that it is clear it wouldn't all fit in one room. The tea menu itself is very basic -teas are in bags with no loose tea offered. The water was not hot enough and so the tea got cool very quickly. There are no other choices for scones than lavender. Prices are reasonable - the high tea is $20 per person but it seemed like it offered a lot of food. If you are expecting a 'proper' tea room this probably wont be for you, but if you want to gift shop and grab a cuppa and a bite then this will please you.