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Abner's Attic

 (4 reviews)

7511 Asheville Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37924, USA (865)522-6610 Website Owner?

Tea room available for groups by appointment.

Recent reviews

    • Nicole McKinney


      Google Maps with street view indicates this business is closed & building is for sale

    • Theresa Ball


      I wish I had known about Abner's Attice before now. I've eaten there two times and it was delicious. Love the atmosphere and the staff are outstanding. I understand they will be closing soon to lunch and they will be greatly missed. I will go back until Rex closes the door after the last lunch. Love it.

    • Dottie


      They offer a pretty average range of teas. Its like the variety box you could pick up at your local grocery store. Nothing fancy by any stretch of the imagination. The food quality was pretty poor, I think my piece of bread for my sandwich was suppose to be toasted but I believe it could have very well been stale. Also the meat was the quality of off brand pre-sliced frozen wal-mart meat. The fruit that accompanied my sandwich was the best part of the meal and the over all experience. As far as service quality and cheer, it was monotonic and non-existent. The hostess was talkative....but almost too talkative. Overall.....we won't be returning to Abner's Attic, and defiantly won't be recommending it to anyone.

      Tearoom response:

      Dottie,<BR> I am very sorry that you did not have the experience you would have liked at Abner's Attic at Lunch... We do toast our bread for sandwiches (it sounds like perhaps yours was not toasted enough). We roast and slice our meats in-house and do not use pre-packaged items. We also provide a quality special and desserts. I wish you had brought your concerns to our attention while you were here so we could have addressed them. Thank you for your feedback.<BR> Rex Jones<BR> Abner's Attic

    • Kim


      I have been to Abner's Attic twice, once for a Mother's Day buffet, and once for lunch and it is a wonderful place to dine. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is peaceful. The staff is very friendly and attentive.