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The BonBonerie

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2030 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208, USA 513-321-3399 Website Suggest Changes

Sun closed Mon 08:00am – 4:00pm Tue 08:00am – 4:00pm Wed 08:00am – 4:00pm Thu 08:00am – 4:00pm Fri 08:00am – 4:00pm Sat 08:00am – 4:00pm

Recent reviews

    • nadine


      I knew the food would be excellent. That did not disappoint. But for a 'tea' there was absolutely no charm. The service was so-so at best. It was busy, hard to get any ones attention to get more tea. I brought 4 dear friends there for their 'high' tea. They were from out of town, I made reservations and wanted it to be special. I was so VERY disappointed. The old tea room had more charm. The new restaurant could be wonderful. better service, table cloths, mis-matched china... it could be charming. sadly it wasnt:(

    • Patience


      I use to love this place but now it's so busy, crowded and noisy that it ruins the atmosphere. The staff were overwhelmed and snippy. I ended up having to take mine as a carryout which was not the experience I had hoped for. It's still a good place but maybe not so great on the weekends and reservatons are a MUST!

    • Chris


      I have been to BonBonerie's Tea room on several occasions. Once for High Tea another for Tea and a salad. Both times we were all very happy with the food and tea. It is a busy little tea room so it is best to make reservations. Despite the busy atmosphere it was not rushed we had plenty of time to drink several pots of tea each and have a great time catching up with everyone. I like sitting inside the best since it is a very busy parking lot that the outside tables are next to. My husband loves it when I go because I always pick up an Opera Cream Cake and other goodies from the BonBonerie Bakery before I go!

    • Sheila


      Very nice waitstaff; courteous and helpful. Food was delicious and well presented.

    • Marie


      Our server was not attentive at all. We waited about 20 minutes for our tea, which arrived underbrewed and luke-warm. The treats we ordered were not 'treats' but somehwhat of a disappointment--not at all what I'd expect from The BonBonerie.

    • Darlene


      I found that the artsy decor appealed to me. The food was delicious. Had to wave down the tea girl. I'm bringing my Red Hat group there tomorrow. Hope we have good service and food. Darlene

    • Lucy


      Our redhat group was very disappointed in our outing here. We were anticipating so much more. We have no intention of returning.

    • K.


      I hosted a bridal shower here which was an embarrasment. We had a reservation for 15 but still had to wait. The mother of the bride never received her drink, even though we asked multiple times. We were served a cold plate which was too cold and took too long to get, even though the food was clearly prepared the day before. The service wasn't completely missing and none of the 15 people there plan on returning. Skip this overpriced and overrated 'tea house' and go to one of Cincinnati's actual gems- Churchill's and the Tea Cozy Cottage are both way better.

    • krg


      My girlfriends and I came here as a second choice when a well-recommended tea room booted us for a larger party, so, honestly, ANY tea and food was good to us. However, flagging down server was often difficult in the crowded and confined space. Our table for five was hardly large enough for three pots of tea, sugar bowls, plates, utensils and our pyramid tray of food. The tea was usually not hot enough to stay hot for a while. The tables were too close to the outside door. The ficus next to and over our table was dropping leaves on our food. The decor didn't bother me, nor the mismatched plates and teacups. And the food was good. We will try other tearooms in the area, but not so likely to return to this one

    • P-


      I happen to work at this tearoom and agree with most of the comments. The people I work with don't make an effort to provide good service and the person running this room is incompetent to do so. The main problem is with the owners, they understaff the tea room and don't pay enough to attract anyone with waitstaff experience. The decor is just that, a hodge podge or garage sale finds, some find it charming, i frankly find it tacky and cheap. If they were smart they would tear the building down and start from scratch.

    • Max


      No particular charm of this place; anyone could gather mixed chairs, tables, and teaware from auctions and call the resultant atmosphere 'charming,' I suppose. Service left much to be desired: little knowledge or interest in teas displayed, and tea socks were used in nice teapots; we were not even informed when to remove these filters, much less where to place spent leaves. When we asked how much longer to steep our tea, our server replied 'oh, a couple of minutes, I guess.' Sandwiches were mediocre, as were the pastries. All in all, overpriced, and much over-hyped. There are other bakery/cafes in town more deserving of your money!