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Green Tea House Cafe

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4646 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111, USA (858) 715-9500 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Jenn M


      Sadly the Green Tea House is no longer the special treat it used to be. The new owners have turned it into from a quiet place where you could sip tea and chat with friends into a loud teen hangout - complete with DJs.

    • girl.



    • Lailanie


      This is my favorite tea shop in the entire world!! i go here almost everyday. When i go there they are always very friendly and there is a hot guy working there! i would suggest this place to anyone! This place is so popular that they are always busy but to me it's worth the wait! Tapioca express may have decent boba but Green Tea House Cafe has the BEST!

    • Pancho


      This is the best tea house in San Diego! I have tried many tea shops around and no one comparesespecially with the athmosphere. Peanut Butter & jelly icy slush is my favorite. Only place I know that serves it.

    • Sylvia


      I used to say that this was the best place in San Diego to get boba. Not anymore. Lately, their quality ha greatly diminished. I usually get green milk tea with green boba. This used to be good. One time they forgot to put the creamer/sugar in it so it tasted like water. We took our drinks back and told them and the guy did not believe us. After some convincing, he decided to take our drinks back and add double the amount of creamer/sugar!! It was so sweet that we could not even drink it. We did not try to take it back a second time. Another time, they forgot it again. This time a different guy was nicer about adding it for us. However, the boba has been getting worse and worse. Sometimes its all mushy and other times its hard. No consistency. I really used to like this place. Go to tapx next door for some cheaper and at least decent boba.

    • UCSD Student(s)


      This IS the BEST BOBA SHOP IN TOWN! I love getting my favorite drink with green boba.also i noticed every friday and saturday night they have a D.J. spinning the tea house! It's great hearing live music in a shop like that.talk about being orignal and not typical like other boba shops.ALSO they do parties if ANYONE OUT THERE IS INTERESTED.I LOVE G.T.H. BEST BOBA IN TOWN!

    • Michael


      This is the best place in town! I always get an Almond Milk Tea with green boba. It is the best boba drink around.

    • samantha


      this place sux, go next door to tapioca express, gth tries too hard

    • Christine


      This is the best tea I've ever tasted. I also live in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area so I try new teahouses any chance I get. But this is the best I've experienced. In fact, I look forward to coming back to San Diego for Green Tea House! Service is superb. I usually get their fruit slushes (mango strawberry is my favorite). The presentation and taste is absolutely gourmet! I tell all my friends that I go to Green Tea House for their 'gourmet' tea because it's always on the spot.