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Cassatt Tea Room at the Rittenhouse Hotel

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210 W Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA 215-546-9000 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Rachel Garber


      Despite giving this charming room excellent rating, I will not be returning. I have a ladies tea group that has visited the Cassatt Tea Room many times in the past. However, they recently renovated the room, and perhaps I am wrong, but they appear to have passed the cost of renovation on to customers. A full tea that used to cost about $25 is now $50. I passed the information on to the ladies, when I was making reservations this past June, and none of them was will to pay that much money for our tea. We plan to celebrate our 15th anniversary at the St. Regis hotel next July, and their Afternoon Tea is $29. They also need to find a way to keep the tea warm throughout the meal, and removed tea leaves, as they begin to 'stew' after being in the pot for too long, imparting an unpleasant taste.

    • AnnaLisa


      Visited on a recent trip to Philadelphia. Greeted at front with white glove service. Our server was excellent. The currant scone was the best! This should not be missed. Call for reservations. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Very highly recommended.

    • Iretta Tiger


      The tea service was in the restaurant because they were having some party in the tea room. They didn't tell us about it and when we asked if we were in the tea room they said yes. Then the restaurant staff was so unfriendly & acted like we were a bother to them. The scones were slightly overcooked. It was not a good experience and I seriously doubt I would ever go back. It's supposed to be a 5 star hotel but we sure didn't receive 5 star service. In the future Rittenhouse Hotel don't start off by lying to your customers, at least give them the option to book when there is not a party going on.

    • Mrs. Lanalon


      My dear ladies, Just don't go. Find someone where they really do care more about putting on a good tea. This is just an afterthought for them. Spend your money wisely.

    • maggie


      I was looking forward to having a special experience. It was a total let down. The food had just been taken out of the frigidaire and it was cold. It was very expensive for a terrible tea experience. You could tell that the waiters did not have there heart in serving. I was the only one in the room. I think other people knew better than to come here and be served premade cold food. They should be ashamed to server such little food for so much money. With tip and tax the tea comes out to be $30.

    • Shawn Zeller


      I was suprised that some guests did not receive enough food and found it of low quality. My greatest praise for this tea room is for the food. Our waiter replenished empty trays as we finished them, so we all ate our fill and enjoyed the variety and taste of the food served. I was disappointed with the tea selection. We were only offered a choice of two caffeinated teas, perhaps because we were a large group. And the tea was not replenished as quickly as would have been desireable, since only one cheerful waiter served our large party.

    • Christine DiProspero


      I took my 81 year old mother and her friend to the Cassatt for the Queen Victoria Tea and was very disappointed. The food was sparce (One triple tiered tray for 3 people. The sandwiches were plain and ordinary. All but one were served on white bread. The variety of tea sandwiches listed on the menu were not what was served. I have been to other tea rooms in Philadelphia and New Jersey which are far superior to the Rittenhouse.

    • Melanie Thiel


      Our Christmas party for nine was an afternoon delight at this tea room! From the beautiful table settings to the tea and presentations to the Champagne and the desserts...everything exceeded our expectations!! We had two special people from our server and from the piano player! We were the only party and ,in fact,the only guests this day but we had a really fun afternoon sipping champagne,eating scones and savories and singing along with the piano man to Christmas music!! What a special day! Melanie Thiel

    • Frannie Calabrese


      I planned on a beautiful afternoon with my daughter just some quiet time before she would give birth to her first child and my first grandchild. Something to commemorate this special time in her life.Unfortunately it was a disappointment. First being the concierge's desk lacking in public relations.The quantity of the food served having to be shared between the two of us. My daughter and I have been to other tea rooms throught Philadelphia and New Jersey and they present an abundance of food presented on three tiered plates for EACH guest. I wish our experience would have been a better one. The best part of our visit was without a doubt the company.

    • karin mcnamee 9/22/06


      i went to Cassatt's with my sister. We has planned to have lunch, but the tearoom doesn't open until 2pm, so we had to adapt. Mt sister works in the city, so it was definetly inconvenient for her, There were oinly 9 teas offered. The sompostion of the tea sandwhichs was very good, but in this day of health food, I could have done without the white bread which covered the majority. The food was sparse. Wr both ordered the Signature Tea and we were both served from one triple tier tray. I have been served more on the tray in other tearooms when it was served only to me. For the price and the reputation of the hotel, I expected more pverall. The service was excellent but we were the only customers until shortly before we left.

    • Keshia Case


      My husband surpised me with a wonderful afternoon tea! This was a beautiful hotel. We were seated by wonderful hosts and served promtly. The scones were not the best that I have had but all of the other food was wonderful. The sandwiches were very fresh. Overall a wonderful experience!