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Rachel Garber   

User's reviews

  • Cassatt Tea Room at the Rittenhouse Hotel


    Despite giving this charming room excellent rating, I will not be returning. I have a ladies tea group that has visited the Cassatt Tea Room many times in the past. However, they recently renovated the room, and perhaps I am wrong, but they appear to have passed the cost of renovation on to customers. A full tea that used to cost about $25 is now $50. I passed the information on to the ladies, when I was making reservations this past June, and none of them was will to pay that much money for our tea. We plan to celebrate our 15th anniversary at the St. Regis hotel next July, and their Afternoon Tea is $29. They also need to find a way to keep the tea warm throughout the meal, and removed tea leaves, as they begin to 'stew' after being in the pot for too long, imparting an unpleasant taste.

  • The Picket Fence & Garden Tearoom


    This is a charming tea room that I discovered with my tea group, Victorian Ladies Tea Society of Philadelphia, have visted in the past. I have to agree with the statements made about children knowing how to behave, and going to a tea room is the perfect place to start. The adults that were there should have been paying attention to what the children were doing and redirect their behavior, not get huffy because they don't want their handpainted walls defaced. We had a 5 year old boy in our group and his mother monitored his behavior the whole time and it was a plesure to have him with us. If there were too many children for number of adults, perhaps a few parents could have been asked to help chaperone. We love to blame kids bad behavior on 'those people' as if 'they' are the only ones who misbehave, when in fact that is not true at all.

  • Simpson House Tea Room


    My sister and I dropped in one day in an unplanned manner, that is we didn't know the hours, and they were near closing. However, we were greeted with warmth and made to feel welcome. Everything about the experience was so nice, and I would highly recommend it. Perhaps we will get back for a second visit.