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Granny McCarthy's Tea Room

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534 Main St, Bethlehem, PA 18018, USA 610-866-3244 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Lisa Confer


      The food we had was very good. The breads were excellent. I did not have any scones or pastries so I can not comment on those. The waitress was very friendly, but very busy. The atmosphere was a comfortable everyday English/Irish tearooom. It was not the frilly, fussy 'High tea' with finger sandwiches etc... I felt comfortable bringing my children 9 and 7 and they enjoyed the new tastes and experiences.

    • Sharon Glassman


      Must have lost their baker. Limited their choices and the ones we bought to take home were so bad (under baked, poor taste) that I threw them into the garbage. Sad day. Used to be my favorites!!

    • kat


      Definitely will be back!!! McCarthy's Tea Room is part of the shop Donegal Square. Knowing this before I arrived, I expected it to be a few tables set off to the side. Not at all - it is the upstairs behind the shop, with it's own space and atmosphere a plenty. Large windows look out to the side street and there is a stage area for their traditional Session brunches on Sundays from 11am to 1pm. But the real center of attention is the case of baked good, and the jars of loose tea. Our waitress gave us a bit of time to take it all in and look at the extensive tea menu, then came over to answer our questions. There are enough loose tea listing to fill the entire side of the menu - each with a brief and seemingly accurate description of it's origin and flavor. The back page contains listing of tea sachets. Tea is available in pots of 2 sizes. In addition to bacon and eggs, the Lambeg Traditional Breakfast is served with potato farl (pancake) and small but thick cuts of black and white pudding (sausage, don't ask and I won't tell). Looks to be the largest plate on the menu but isn't super sized, so don't be put off ordering this tasty plate. Along with traditional British Isles breakfast selections they also have a variety of gourmet quality daily specials, and regular lunch/dinner items. On Friday nights and third Thursdays McCarthys does a Fish Fry, which is out of hand good. I crave it still and talk of it often.

    • Bram


      This is a great teahouse! It's slightly Scottish themed, and is in a nice location

    • Leenie


      I love this place! This, to me, feels like an authentic Irish tearoom. The food is wonderful - the baked goods, primo. It is a charming local secret - the best kind of place to find when you're traveling!

    • Jessica


      This is the only tea room that I have been to, but every experience there is wonderful. It is a calming environment and the emplyees are awesome!

    • I.K.O.


      When I first came here there was a rather extensive list of teas. Probably 25-40 varieties. Including loose leaf and sachet. In the past few years however they have reduced the size of their tealist dramatically. I rarely go in anymore except to pick up a few ounces of a tea here and a tea there plus some fine 'British Isles' packaged food (Hob Nobs, Aero Bars, Ribena.) If you are looking for Fish and Chips this is a great place when they have it. The tea service is usually lacking. Needing more grace and more training. But I have not come in for a sit-down tea for a year or two it may be worth trying again (management has recently changed.) If you are in the area I suggest stopping in and trying a pot of tea and seeing what you think. It used to be the place to go for tea, maybe it is once more.

      Tearoom response:

      McCarthy's tea room carries 20+ loose teas and as many sachets - mostly from Ireland and Britain. Although we may not be very frilly we make all our deserts, and entres fresh in house. Our recipes are authentic and we have gone back more to our traditional routes with the addition of out CIA trained chef - Kelly Shay who takes great pleasure in reproducing great faire both from the Owner's repertoire of family recipes such as the Melting moments and chocolate toffee shortbread - to great entres like Welsh Rarebit and sticky toffee pudding. <BR> <BR> You wont be disappointed by any of our fresh made scones or our great brown bread and award winning soups like The Sharangary Squash - curried coconut squash! So much more than just a Tea Shop - McCarthy's models itself on great eateries like Betty's Tearooms and the Avoca Cafe - we look forward to your visit.

    • Kate


      Stopped in to this tea room this past weekend, and absolutely had a lovely time. Delicious baked goods, excellent service! I'll be back!

    • EVK


      I have been going to this tearoom since it opened. And sadly, it has gone down hill. The menu is very limited, the service is awlful, and just not what it used to be.

    • S. Leary


      Fantastic! Stopped in while visiting this charming town over the week end. We spent our St Patrick's Day evening here among two rooms of smiling faces and laughing. What a marvelous time everyone had. Looking forward to our return.

    • MB Lehigh, Valley


      Stumbling onto this establishment we didn't know what to expect. Was it 'done-up' posh with silver and bone china or was it a relaxed country style tea room? Happily, as we discovered, Granny McCarthy's was one of the most relaxing breaks we'd had for weeks. My fiancee had a pot of tea and I, a press pot and a pitcher of steamed milk. The offerings to be paired with our coffee and tea were (as expected) typical British/Irish fare. Currant or creme scones, treacle desserts, soda breads and more. We eventually bought nearly one of everyting to take home and sample. I would love to see more offerings on the menu and Granny's to open for authentic meals. We look forward to our next visit.

    • O. Wearey


      Granny McCarthy's tea room is abundant of atmosphere. The mis-matched china and porcelain remind me of tea at the country home where all the incomplete sets retired to. The menu has a little of everything and our Friday night fish and chips was excellent. Sunday's breakfast even included fried tomatoes and a rasher of authentic irish back bacon. Looking forward to additions on the menu. We'll be back.

    • Beth


      I would hardly define this as a 'tea room' and wonder how it even made the list...I agree with the other reviewer that it is more of a coffee shop. The menu selection is pitiful, and my sandwich was composed of a thick slice of ham on a stale piece of bread. I wouldn't go back if it was free.

    • maggie


      This is a place to skip if you are looking for a tea room experience. it's more like a coffee shop. Has no charm. There was nothing on the menu that was appealing. Drab decor.

    • Jaime


      diverse variety of teas offered as well as superb 'Irish' influenced foods and breads. Nice selection of pastries as well. High tea available.

    • Kim Yocum


      My friends and I are very loyal repeat customers and also were baffled by the lack of tea-steeping knowledge they seemed to have. However, by requesting an empty pot, we let our tea steep the proper time and then poured it into the empty pot so that the tea did not become bitter. Their food is excellent but the only complaint is if you want clotted cream or curd you have to pay extra for it and there are no dainty tea sandwiches except at the high tea they offer twice a month at times that a working person cannot go to.

    • Kim


      I have been to Granny's several times, mostly for their fish'n chips on fridays (which is delicious). They only offer high tea twice a month and I have not gone yet. Their food is very good and their selection of teas is great. My only complaint is that they keep their loose-leaf tea in a pot brought to your table and after the allotted steep time there is no way to remove the tea leaves. This can cause the tea to become bitter. All in all they have a nice little tea room.