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User's reviews

  • Teaberry's Tea Room


    This place is FANTASTIC!!!! Has what a tea room should offer on their menu. It is picture perfect! My only criticism is that it doesn't feel quite so 'cozy' as you should in a tearoom, it is a larger building and some of the rooms make you feel like you're dining in a restaurant, rather than that quaint 'in somebody's living room' feeling that you like to have at tea. Our last server was a teenager who seemed REALLY confused and that took away from the experience somewhat, but I can't hold it against Teaberries. If it is a drive for you, it is TOTALLY worth going! We'll be back!

  • Simpson House Tea Room


    This is a lovely little business, it is neat as a pin. It is clean and modern, which isn't the easiest thing to find in a tearoom! They have a nice selection of tea. I would have liked to see some more tea sandwich choices though. I like that they offer an entree, but I was really longing for a 'full' tea, that begins with scones & bread, moves on to a soup/salad, tea sandwiches, an entree and then dessert. The service was friendly, and the teenage girls working there were lovely, despite the fact that two of them were dressed like they had just rose from bed. The ambiance was nice, but maybe just a little lacking. Simple details, like lumps of sugar instead of a container full of sweet and low are overlooked. Overall, it is a very nice place. If you are older, I may suggest taking a seat cushion of some kind as the chairs are not padded.

  • Granny McCarthy's Tea Room


    I would hardly define this as a 'tea room' and wonder how it even made the list...I agree with the other reviewer that it is more of a coffee shop. The menu selection is pitiful, and my sandwich was composed of a thick slice of ham on a stale piece of bread. I wouldn't go back if it was free.

  • Jessica's Tearoom


    This tea room is a bit different from others we have visited. We still like it, but something is missing from the quaint tea experience. The room itself is more of a restaurant-style, and on the varied occasions we've been there, seems to become quite loud. The tea selection is adequate, and the finger sandwiches are divine. I was happy to get an entree with my full tea, however the tuna melt seemed as if the 'melt' component was a slice of Kraft 'cheesefood' singles...and not so tasty. However they do have quite a variety and I will try something else next time. All and all it is a fun and delicious tea experience, although not my favorite.