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705 West 24th Street Austin, Texas 78705-4742, United States (877) 223-9801 Suggest Changes

Sun 00:00am – 8:00pm Mon 11:00am – 8:00pm Tue 11:00am – 8:00pm Wed 11:00am – 8:00pm Thu 11:00am – 8:00pm Fri 11:00am – 10:00pm Sat 11:00am – 10:00pm
Walking into Momoko is like stepping into Wonderland. Everything is so delicate and cute you feel like a child lost in all the toys you could never dream of. With popular items such as Sanrio (maker of Hello Kitty) and Pokemon and imported characters like Cathy, Morning Glory, Naughty Family, and Ranma, it's sure to become one of your favorite stores. The small magic tea stand that can make more than 100 flavors of tea just the way you like and taroroot milk tea is sure to bring a smile to your face with its dreamy taste.

Recent reviews

    • ed


      Great place to drop in for a quick bite to eat! Rice balls are excellent. They have a great fresh fruit juice mixture. However, this is NOT a teashop, but a bubble-teashop [with some nice light food].

    • Aimy Steadman


      Friendly and cute Bubble Tea place. My fiance named his senior thesis after this place because it is so nice and friendly. I like sweet and creamy teas, so I get the New York.

    • Flora


      Nice gift shop--tea pots, incense, anime posters, pocky, and really good bubble tea...

    • Janis E.


      The best place to go for Bubble tea in Austin, Texas. With the largest variety to choose from your bubble tea is made fresh while you wait, and it is worth the wait! The teahouse also serves as a small import store where one can buy delicious Japanese snacks and cute gifts.

    • Jenny


      Since the last review momoko's has expaned. there are now 4 tables inside and some chairs outside. They serve Bubble tea in the largest variety i've ever encountered. furthermore you can get smoothies style drinks, milkshake style teas, in a variety of combinations. there are also a variety of imported Japanese snacks . It's atmosphere of tea house/import store provides a very unique environment; a sort of j-pop teahous if you will. The staff is helpful, and will always help you find the kind of tea you're in the mood for. I've patronized momoko's for 3 years now and still ahven't tried all teh flavors. And they add new flavors every month. The menu can sometimes be outdated, but if waht you're ordering is out of stock ,teh staff can help direct you sot something just as tasty. Deffinitely teh BEST bubble tea establishment i've ever visited.

    • PeteVu


      Momoko's is an interesting tea room and so much more located very closely to the University of Texas campus. The store consists of only two small tables (which are almost always empty considering the hectic in-n-out college lifestyle and to discourage studying in their store) with the rest of the space occupied with shelves of Japanese collectables that are rarely seen in the states. Momoko’s has a clean sleek feel amiss many classic Japanese artifacts and has a relaxing atmosphere. The tea, not to be undermined by the substantial collection of Japanese nick-knacks, is served only as milk tea, complying with the trendy collegiate image of tea and playing to the biggest demographic present. In comparison to all other milk teas I have had, Momoko’s is definitely one of the best. The tea is of noticeable quality, and is not overpowered by the added sweeteners or flavors, a problem rampant across milk tea rooms. Instead, the added flavors enhance the tea and layer on flavors using the tea as a foundation. The presentation was very entertaining. Although brewing of the tea takes place behind curtains, the loose tea is lined along the wall in clean metal cans. The tea is iced and mixed with other ingredients right in front of you with the use of a martini shaker. Although entertaining, the tea took quite a while to be completed, and the person creating my drink made no effort to establish eye contact. The store also has other things to enjoy such as a fun Asian soda called Ramune, and has a sister store located right next door that serves their signature dish: sushi balls. The pleasant atmosphere and wonderful tea come at a steep price though, as most popular choices will run you about four dollars a cup.

    • Kiki


      Last week my friend took me to Momoko, and I was really amazed by their bubble tea. I have tried bubble tea from various tea places and cafe at different cities, and I have to say Momoko does have the best bubble tea.

    • Tiffney


      I have been to Momoko for several years. Their selections are amazing either cold or hot. My favorites are Taro Root, Butterfly, Romantic France and Tropical Mango. Whenever I go back to Austin, I always stop by Momoko to get a cup of tea.