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The Cultured Cup

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8312 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, TX 75225, USA 888-VIP-TEAS Website Suggest Changes

Sun closed Mon 10:00am – 6:00pm Tue 10:00am – 6:00pm Wed 10:00am – 6:00pm Thu 10:00am – 6:00pm Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm
Serving the Dallas metroplex for over 20 years, we are the Southwest's premier emporium of fine beverages, including world class teas, gourmet drinking chocolates and coffees, available nowhere else in the U.S. The Cultured Cup also sponsors educational special events and guest lectures by recognized experts, with the goal of making the enjoyment of beverages a complete experience. As one of the country's exclusive bulk dealers of France's Mariage Frères Tea, The Cultured Cup provides over 90 different varieties including Castleton Estate Second Flush - one of the most sought after Darjeelings, citrus infused Éros, delicate Imperiale Jasmine and rare 'Gong Fu Ceremonial Teas' from Taiwan. In addition, one of the largest selections of tea cups, tea pots and tea accessories from around the world complement the broad tea selection.

Recent reviews

    • Stepahnie


      So it seems this place turned into an online store mostly, but I didn’t realize and went to their location. It seems strange at first, a business area with locked doors? I called and they let me into their tea tasting room. It seems best to call ahead and make an appointment for tea tasting. Anyway, so even though I suddenly popped in without warning, I was treated so well. They let me sample any of the various teas they had and were rather charming about the whole thing. They sell many exotic teas all high quality loose tea. They also seem to host events, which sounds very fun. I’ll be sure to stop there again! PS. Ignore the location at the top, the site has their new address.

    • Izzy


      My favorite place to purchase and learn more about tea! The owners Kyle and Phil are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to tea. Kyle is a Certified Tea Specialist. Not only is he more than willing to answer any questions you may have, he also readily offers great tips (the best temperature for brewing a particular tea; the optimal amount of time to seep; when, where, and how the tea is harvested, etc.)! I learn something new with every visit. The variety is outstanding and coffee is also available. Within the shop one will also find delicious chocolates provided by local chocolate makers; tea sets, gifts, and even matcha bowls traditionally crafted by local potters. Informative classes by the owners are frequently available in many locations including the Cultured Cup and the Dallas Museum of Art. I highly recommend you stop by.

    • sandy


      i love this shop! the boys are great fun! i love the fact i can taste it before i buy it! their tea classes are great fun and they food served then is great. if the person you drug along with you is a coffee lover, it's ok, half the shop is dedicated to both of you can be ;happy!

    • J


      Great Mariage Freres Teas but way too expensive. If you buy 5 tins, it's cheaper to buy directly from the Mariage Freres french website even when you include the shipping fees from France!

    • C


      What a shame this doesn't have more reviews! As a tea fanatic let me ASSURE you that if you're looking for a cuppa this place will rock your socks off!!! The co-owners are a blast (willing to let ya talk their ears off) and a half and the tea selection is DIVINE. Try the french butter cookies of yum too... I adore the Lune tea personally. 'tis a cup for of joy! A hopping, cool atmosphere with lovely couches to aide in your lazing about. Only detriment is I wish there was real food sammiches and such so I wouldn't ever have to leave!

    • Liz


      They have whole leaf and bag (black and green teas). They serve a quality product. My favorite is the Earl Grey French Blue. They carry 1st flush teas. The staff is very knowledable and helpful. It is a relaxing atmospher. The staff also is most helpful when you order on-line and over the phone.

    • Louise Walker


      This tea shop is wonderful! Several years ago a neice gave me some of their green tea as a gift. I had tried green tea before and did not like it. The Cultured Cup has specifice directions on the labels for the amount of tea to use and the correct water temperature. I tried the tea following their directions and was absolutely amazed. It was fabulous. I do not live in Texas, but I order from this shop all the time. Their mail order service is exceptional. I love visiting the shop because I always learn something special about tea!

    • LN


      Disclaimer: I am not a tea expert and I was dragged into this shop by a friend during the crazy Christmas holiday season. The store was packed and bustling with their shelves stocked with seasonal and non-seasional goods. The 'tea bar' had regulars hanging around it talking tea and sharing cookies someone brought in. Chairs were offered to anyone who approached and the staff immediatly asked which samples we wanted to try. We settled in the sofa and chairs for a couple pots of tea and relaxation. From the time we walked in were made to feel right at home. The store was packed with people, but, the staff (owners?) had all the time in the world for us and our silly questions. I look forward to visiting of my own free will in the near future.

    • MP


      This is not a tea room, but rather, a tea shop with a tea counter and a cozy sitting area. They make a specific tea and coffee as samples each day and will brew up a cup or pot of anything from their extensive tea selection. This is a wonderful way to sample some high quality and rare teas or simply broaden one's horizon a bit. No food is available. All coffee, tea and drinking chocolate beverages can be made to go. The owners are always available to offer their expertise and their well trained staff can offer knowledgeable suggestions on tea choices and preparation. They carry an impressive selection of Mariage Frères Teas (both loose and teabags)and an eclectic selection cups, pots and accessories along with fine chocolates and coffees. If you need a whisk for a Japanese tea ceremony, a classic English tea pot or bone china cup, they have it along side electric kettles, coffee grinders or Leonides Belgium chocolates. Classes are offered in tea etiquette and other tea, coffee and chocolate related activities. Tasting and equipment demonstrations are frequently presented on Saturdays. Sit at the tea bar if you want to meet people and glean some knowledge about the teas. The sofa is the place for you to curl up and relax with their ever present copies of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or culinary publications or if you want to gossip with a couple friends. The atmosphere is always relaxed, the staff friendly and even the customers can be interesting. If you are looking for afternoon tea with scones, this is not the place. If you are looking for an excellent cup of tea, variety, knowledge and the sense of community you rarely find in a shop these days than the Cultured Cup is well worth your time.

    • P. Lyons


      Expertise is primary. Very friendly and excited about all to do with tea and chocolate!!! If your love is both of these, than this is the place.

    • Jo


      The service and knowledge-level of the staff here are excellent! A marvelous place to find that special gift for a special person.