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90 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002, USA 212-475-9190 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Marie


      My husband and I live in New England but made a special trip here on a recent pre-holiday theatre trip because we'd been before (at least two years ago) and liked it so much. The loose leaf tea selection is amazing. This is where I find old favorites - discontinued elsewhere - such as Japanese Green Cherry, and new favorites such as Five O'clock. The menu is mostly vegetarian and the food is tasty and fresh. The service is good and the staff make helpful suggestions if asked to do so. They seem knowlegable about the teas. To sit and have tea, one has to purchase a whole pot of tea, but they will give you a 'to-go' cup so it doesn't necessarily get wasted. Although tiny, very casual, and very crowded at mealtime, it was nearly empty when we visited in the winter between mealtimes. We hung out for an extended period (unfortunatly, some of the seats - hard benches - are not real comfortable.) and bought loose tea to go. The selection IS great but the prices are high. I think the fact that they use metal cans for packaging contributes to the cost and its a waste for those of us who have our own tea tins at home. I'd much prefer the option of getting tea in a bag and buying the tin seperately if I want it. (like for gifts.) Gnerally, thought, I give Teany high ratings and will definitely visit on future trips to NYC.

    • Kerry


      Teany is definitely teeny! Other than that- the place was busy and the service was attentive. I enjoyed everything and will go back.

    • Christopher


      This is a place for vegetarians who like loud rock music. It's a shame because they have an extensive selection of good teas which they prepare properly--and because the menu describes each tea thoroughly, it doesn't really matter whether the staff is knowledgable or not. The service is, however, quite poor, and the loud music and crowded atmosphere really do spoil an afternoon tea.

    • Mike


      Only went once, but it was a pretty bad experience. Zero to no atmosphere. Tea selection was average. The biggest complaint I had was that the oh-so-trendy hipster waitstaff didn't seem to care about service, and didn't know their tea very well. Our waiter actually didn't know the difference between an Oolong and a Green. The pot of tea we had had about 1/2 as many leaves as it should of for a proper brew. Further proof that hipsters suck.

    • Rachel Lovinger


      A little more casual, and a lot more crowded than some tea places. The food and tea were all really yummy. Even the die hard meat eaters seemed to enjoy the all-veggie fare!

    • Laura


      This is a good tea spot for hipsters and vegans and adventursome eaters. I was not blown away by the tea selection. The food is mostly vegan and although it was definitely tasty, it is not for those who don't like to experiment a little with their food. As for the interior - it is very tiny with little elbow room or space to relax. All in all I would probably not go back, but it was a good enough place to stop by for a bite to eat and some tea.

    • Lee


      Tea is good, and if you're into natural foods it's tasty. However, the service is awful. Don't expect a pleasant experience with the waitstaff. The thought of dealing with the servers again - and I've been more than once - makes me shudder. You want service, quality food, and great tea and are willing to pay for it? Go to the St. Regis. Call first! I love that place!

    • Robin


      Teany was a serious let-down. The variety of tea was alright and the desserts were good but the service was so bad that it eclipsed any other aspect of the place. Being in the business myself I am pretty understanding if the waitstaff is busy, overwhelmed, etc. -- if they make up for it with a good attitude its all good. However, the waitress at Teany was so bad it was ridiculous. It was a slow weekday with barely any customers and I had to beg to get her attention. I waited for the check for 35 minutes while I watched her chat with her friends. It was so crazy that my friend and I were hysterically laughing.

    • Lauren


      Small? Yes. But stuffy? No, at least not the service. Tables are tiny and close, so keeping an eye on your teapots and cups is in order, for the flow of traffic of people squeezing by to get to or from another table is bothersome. Food is surprisingly tasty, considering the vegan/vegetarian status. Not your typical hoity-toity teahouse. Bustling, casual atmosphere. Good selection of teas for the tea aficionado.

    • E.


      Tolerable food, though it's ALL vegan. They don't seem to know about tea, though. Rather noisy, and the atmosphere is very airport-waiting-area.

    • Christina


      I visited teany on a recent trip to NY and was a little disappointed. The food was very good and reasonably priced, but both pots of tea I ordered were extremely bitter by the time they got to the table. The server was nice, but slow because she had way too many tables to take care of (all of them).

    • Robyn


      I was so excited to visit Teany on a recent trip to NY. The atmosphere was good and the menu was impressive. The tea wasn't that great, but I did enjoy my food.

    • Sarah


      Teany's is fabulous. The staff's incredibly friendly and outgoing, there's a plethora of teas with vivid descriptions to choose from, the food's delectable and reasonably priced, and the ambiant atmosphere is laid back yet trendy and fun at the same time. It's a great place to either sit and chat with a friend or significant other on a nice chill evening or to start off a night in the downtown area. I've gone plenty of times and everyone I've brought to this place loved it, too.