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Argo Tea

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958 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, USA 773-649-9644 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Angel


      Argo Tea is the future of healthy and exciting drinks in this country. This particular store is very special because of its heritage. it was the first argo ever and to someone like me, who was their customer since day 1, this store represents everything that is great about customer service.

    • Andy


      i love the personal service and upbeat atmosphere the cafe provides. their coffee and espresso is far superior to starbucks. they have a knowledgeable staff that is always curteous and personable and their free wi-fi with a purchase cannot be beat!

    • danielle


      i agree that it is the starbucks of tea, however i will say, that the staff is less knowledgeable about the specific teas they carry than typical starbucks employees are about their coffee. i find this place to be an all around bummer. highly overpriced beehouse accessories, boring tea, and unhelpful employees. i wouldnt bother unless you're running late to work in the morning and prefer pre made tea to teabags.

    • Elin


      I’m excited about these Chicago-based tea stores! The urban atmosphere and friendly service make it a great place to meet a friend or take your laptop (free internet). I prefer to sit and sip at the Broadway shop, or the adorable-from-the-outside store in the theater district where they have the tea-making process on show. I mostly go to the Armitage shop because it’s the closest to me, but it’s small and often seems to be busy and crowded - a good sign. Argo Tea has a selection of about 35 loose teas. I've tried several; my favorites are Persimmon White (de-lish!) and Darjeeling Champagne. Ginger Peach, made from their concentrate, is also very good for a quick cup. Tropical Green was my least favorite. Its flavorings were good, but it was a little bitter; it might have been over-steeped. My husband enjoyed their Carolina Honey signature drink, made from black tea, honey and lemon (guys feel comfortable here). One has the option of a custom pot or a select few teas made quickly from a concentrate. Both types are good and flavorful, but for the 'experience' of tea I'd suggest a custom pot. There are also signature drinks (tea drinks both hot and cold) and Bubble tea. I tried a signature cold drink, the MojiTea, made from Armenian Mint herbal tea (caffeine free) with lime juice and they suggested the addition of sparkling water—very good and refreshing on a warm day. I've also tried their Bubble Tea, which as a non-coffee drinker I must say was my first Starbucks-esque experience given all the choices... I had a Ginger Peach Bubble Tea with coconut pearls and soy milk! I like this place because they do both traditional loose teas and unique, new tea drinks. I would definitely recommend Argo.

    • Jill


      This is like the Starbucks of tea. Very commercial. It is a great place to grab a tea latte to go. I like the earl gray creme latte. I wouldn't come here for a pot of plain tea though. Employees don't always know how to prepare them and how long they should steep. Stick to the tea lattes and other specialty drinks.

    • Carol


      What a wonderful place to come in from the cold and have White Chocolate Frostea. Great turn on regular hot chocolate. We will be back.

    • Jessica


      Argo did a great job of mixing the old tea tradition and the urban lifestyle. There are many loose teas to pick from and a variety of specialty drinks. A must try!

    • marina


      very creative and tasty tea based drinks. maybe not for old style traditional tea drinkers though they have over 40 loose teas to choose from. definitely recommended.

    • Sarah Bowman


      Personally I thought this was anything but a tea house.Their 'special' blend of Earl Gray was overly sweet and was pre-made. Also there was little variety to choose from.

    • Rob Burton


      The up-and-coming Starbucks of tea. I think this concept could be huge.

    • Kevin Adams


      i heard that argo tea opened new stores in chicago downtown and i rushed to one of them. it's next to the new water tower square. excellent location. i was not disappointed. while the new cafe boasts larger space than their original store on sheffield, this new one has the same warm and fun feeling. i can tell that people who work there enjoy what they're doing and haveing fun! drinks outstanding as always

    • C J Hankins


      My first visit to Argo was a wonderfully refreshing experience. Now my afternoon tea times are most relaxing and enjoyable.

    • Don Edgren


      There is no artistry. Your cup is prepared from concentrate brewed (I hope) that day. My one cup was bitter and too strong. Probably the server put too much concentrate in the cup. The room itself was pleasant. I hope they give up the concentrate idea.

    • sofia


      We visited this tea place on a lovely Monday morning. The place was very busy with lap-top users. The service was cordialand fast but the tea....rather blah! The tea is kept concentrated and then they add hot water, what is that? and tey don't have many teas to sample anyway. Nice place but tea needs improvement

    • Dp


      It's like a tea house built on the fast food business model. A lot of low quality flavored teas served like coffee. Unexceptable.