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Samovar Tea Lounge

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498 Sanchez St, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA 415-626-4700 Website Owner?

Samovar Tea Lounge was created as a tea lifestyle company. With the assumption that we are human beings in a fast-paced and hectic technology-centered world, we all have a need for the simple things in life: relaxation, health, and social intimacy. Tea proved to be the perfect vehicle for experiencing and exploring relaxation, health, and social intimacy in any environment and at any time. We believe that as more people experience the tea lifestyle, the world will become a better place.

Recent reviews

    • Leilani


      I can't say enough good things about Samovar! I've been a (somewhat) regular at both locations since 2006 and find it well worth the 40 minute drive from my home. The food is absolutely exquisite, and I consider myself a foodie. The tea is very high quality and there is always a good range from ridiculously expensive to very approachable. The leaves have never been 'burnt' by overly hot water, and the teas are always brewed in tea-ware appropriate to the tea type. Atmosphere is laid back, sometimes to the point that you feel forgotten, but they eventually make their way back to you. Overall this place is pricey, but it has excellent tea and food, and the service is incredibly friendly and knowledgable.

    • e


      I was visiting San Francisco and went to Samovar. I was expecting a more 'elegant' atmosphere than I found. Yet I can't say I was disappointed in the 'new age urban funk' ambiance that I found. Service was very good and I have to say that the Russian menu choice I made was very good. Once I acclimated I quite enjoyed getting my tea from the samovar. I enjoyed the smoky taste of the tea I chose. All in all Samovar was a very good experience on my tea journey. Next time I am in San Francisco I would like to vist the Yerba site. What's a tea journey if you don't try something just a little different?

    • Sherry C-F


      Samovar truly endeavors to deliver an incredible tea experience. They provide over two dozen loose leaf teas to choose from - green, black, oolong, white, pu-erh, and herbals - and a relaxing, beautiful room in which to enjoy them. The menu offerings (including Russian, Moorish, English, and Japanese platters) pair well with their teas and the servers willingly and graciously answer any tea questions. If it is not convenient to stay for a properly prepared pot of tea, their teas are also sold in tins. Samovar is a welcoming spot for tea lovers in the Castro.

    • Malgosia


      We live close to the Yerba Buena Gardens location. We love this place so much that we've come here 5 times in the last 4 weeks. The tea is so good that my husband, who usually hates tea, has finally begun to appreciate it! The food is also very good and very reasonably priced. I recommend this place to all my friends.

    • Tania Ritko


      It was the worst experience for me and my family. I drank a tea that damages my throat even after I ate. My throat was affected all day!! :(( We were disappointment with the service, the tea quality was very poor and I can say that we will never come back again. We visited another tea room (ranked in this website like one of the best places) 5 days before and you cant compare the service and the tea quality.

    • argyle


      a rare find. this is not a traditional tea salon as in paris or london, nor quite the serious experience in many chinese and japanese tea shops. but rather, it is wonderfully relaxed, elegant and fun. service is friendly and helpful. the food is tasty. for the tea lover or the neophyte, everyone can enjoy samovar.

    • Penandra


      I had just picked up a friend visiting from Texas and we had some time to spend before meeting friends for dinner. We were recommended to Samovar Tea Lounge by a clerk at Cliff's Variety on Castro. I was not sure that it could live up to the superb recommendation that he gave it, but I underestimated! Samovar is DELIGHTFUL! I found a new favorite tea here (Lychee Black) and we throughly enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of sipping tea, enjoying some cookies, and visiting, visiting, visiting. The staff were attentive but not intrusive and I have since shared the location (and the way we found this delightful spot) with several friends . . . some of whom are planning a visit from the East Bay! Of course, I also love the fact that there is a wonderful yarn shop just across the street --- I can 'feed' two addictions with one trip to the City! Tea AND yarn --- could it be better? My friend has shared that this is one of the high points of her visit to San Francisco!

    • Maria


      Very nice that they're open a little later, great atmosphere

    • Eleanor


      Fantastic flavors in the food. Incredible selection of teas. I loved the international scope of the menu. Russian tea from the samovar was superlative: smoky, complex flavors that perfectly complemented the tasty treats served in the Russian tea service. Modern, 'chic' decor: spare and clean, but without the sound bouncing annoyingly off the walls that we suffer at so many restaurants. Service was extremely nice and helpful, and they let us linger over our afternoon tea. Exciting menu: so many wonderful things to choose from, I'll just have to return.

    • Mattison Clark


      Samovar has the best Earl Grey I've ever tasted--very pungent and citrusy. The rest of their teas are awesome too.

    • Dawn Barankin


      What a wonderful discovery and well worth the drive into the city from the East Bay. Our waiter was knowledgeable, charming and patient in answering our questions and helping group of six pick our teas from the wide and varied selection. The food was delicious, attractively served and reasonable priced and the menu a 'great read. We will definitely be back!

    • Jennifer Cho


      I cannot compare to any other teahouses in the city....friendly staff, great environment and beautiful people. Worth the trip for me since I live 40 minutes away.

    • Joshua Burnett


      When I was visiting SF and met up with a bunch of old friends from college someone recommended Samovar Tea Lounge as a meeting space. We ended up in one of the corner seats by the window and spent all afternoon sipping a variety of delicious teas in beautiful teaware and eating all manner of foods. I particularly recommend the pu-erh teas and the Maki Bowls!

    • Jimmy


      What a cool place to hang out with friends. And somehow the tea and staff make the atmosphere much better than the usual coffee or tea shop. And no smells of coffee! Yeah!!

    • Jake


      Great staff complement this wonderful tea lounge. No coffee aroma to dronw out the subtleties & nuances of the bewing tea.

    • Joey


      Good variety of teas. Food interesting but overpriced. Great atmosphere. Very popular all times of day.

    • Phil


      I think this place is right on. The tea selection is great, the food is amazing and the staff really know what they're talking about. This is probably the modern face of tea.