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User's reviews

  • Samovar Tea Lounge


    I can't say enough good things about Samovar! I've been a (somewhat) regular at both locations since 2006 and find it well worth the 40 minute drive from my home. The food is absolutely exquisite, and I consider myself a foodie. The tea is very high quality and there is always a good range from ridiculously expensive to very approachable. The leaves have never been 'burnt' by overly hot water, and the teas are always brewed in tea-ware appropriate to the tea type. Atmosphere is laid back, sometimes to the point that you feel forgotten, but they eventually make their way back to you. Overall this place is pricey, but it has excellent tea and food, and the service is incredibly friendly and knowledgable.

  • Teance


    This is not the place to kick back and sip while chatting with friends. Teance is the place to come to try out that really rare and expensive tea you've had your eye on. Definitely the kind of place where black tea = Puer and assam/ceylon/etc. is referred to as red tea. The tea flights are expensive, but expertly brewed in gaiwans (sp?) and the quality of the tea in incomperable. You will not get leaves over 6 month old without a warning first. I have found the tea flights to be very educational. I hear they're serving food now but wouldn't know. They're almost always understaffed and can usually barely manage to serve the tea flight tasters, many of whom get turned away. Serving food would seem beyond their capabilities for the moment, even if there is a menu. Not a casual atmosphere, but everyone I've seen working there has been very friendly and certainly very knowledgable.