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Sherry C-F   

User's reviews

  • Samovar Tea Lounge


    Samovar truly endeavors to deliver an incredible tea experience. They provide over two dozen loose leaf teas to choose from - green, black, oolong, white, pu-erh, and herbals - and a relaxing, beautiful room in which to enjoy them. The menu offerings (including Russian, Moorish, English, and Japanese platters) pair well with their teas and the servers willingly and graciously answer any tea questions. If it is not convenient to stay for a properly prepared pot of tea, their teas are also sold in tins. Samovar is a welcoming spot for tea lovers in the Castro.

  • Far Leaves


    This is a pleasant enough tea room. There is a wide selection of loose leaf teas (white, green, black, and herbals) and the staff is obviously knowledgeable. Also, they provide kettles on each table, so patrons can enjoy cup after cup. However, Far Leaves is a tiny space that does not quite shut out the noise from College Avenue. Plus, it might be difficult to snag a table during the weekends. Far Leaves may not warrant an out of the way trip, but if you are in the neighborhood, step in for a break.

  • Teance


    Teance is a beautiful tea room with a relaxing atmosphere. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable: they answer all questions enthusiastically AND graciously. There is a wide selection of teas and the staff offers tastings at their bar. During the week, when it is less crowded, sit at the bar for a 'tea flight,' three tastes of different types of teas. On Friday evenings, the tea buyer offers presentations on specific teas and growing regions. Teance is an elegant location where tea lovers can learn more about tea and enjoy their favorite beveridge.