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Babo Teahouse

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10 River Dr S, Jersey City, NJ 07310, USA 201-626-6006 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 11:00am – 11:00pm Mon closed Tue closed Wed closed Thu 11:00am – 11:00pm Fri 11:00am – 12:00pm Sat 11:00am – 12:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Sayumi


      Actually, I haven't experienced all of the crap they're saying above me. They were very nice & I didn't have to offer service. The music isn't loud, and maybe the people were but that was just them. Anyway, it was pretty good. Most of the stuff was, at least. It's a hangout for most teenagers, so it's not a very good place for many adults to go to if they want to experience cheat sophistication. They're teens, guys. What else do you want? Expert tea people? God, stop being so uptight.

    • Melissa


      If you can get past the fact that the employees are full on snobs and be almost prepared to beg for's actually pretty good. Also, it doesn't show on the picture but there's a couch and some cushy chairs. A good trick if you can't deal with the crummy service, is have someone else do the ordering and you just grab a comfy couch and wait for your bubble tea to arrive. Mmmm...

    • Azalia


      The Gelatto's are excellent. The kids are a bit snobish. The employees dont act like employees its more like they are hanging out with their friends their is nothing to do so they mine as well take your order. Have less employees behind the counter.

    • daniel


      The place is just terrible. It's amazingly overpriced. The tea is subpar. It's really like sweatshop tea.

    • nicholas cage


      bubble tea!

    • Aya


      i was looking forward into checking this place out but in the end spending a dat at a Day Care Center is more relaxing. The music is loud, the people are loud, the staff acts if they are too cool to serve you or that you are just NOT cool or worthy enough to be a customers. They lack the ability to notice customers coming in and everything is messy. I ordered a bubble tea and they hand it to me with sugary tea dripping all over the side of the cup!

    • JJ sanborn


      Its your typical teahouse and the service was fine. I had no problems like the other responses i've read here. Yes they do have college kids working there, ehh.. what did you expect? 50yr old Tea experts? lol Typical bubble tea. I was descriptive in how sweet i want it so i would suggest you do the same. Great selection of deserts/gelato/bubbletea/snacks. The gelato is awesome, best gelato i've had anywhere and the atmosphere is great. Great place to take you girlfriend after dinner or lunch. And they have hot girls at the counter scooping up gelato.

    • Anonymous


      There are a bunch of childish teenagers working there who are too ignorant to help the customer. Last time i checked, curfew for teenagers is 11 so why are they making kids work until 12. Get a real set of employees and make sure to fix that rat problem

    • GIADGI


      the employees suck, it's over priced and i saW A MPUSE ONCE

    • ellen


      babo offers decent boba (bubble) tea--i've tried taro and coconut. the tapioca balls are cooked to the right level of chewiness. the ambience is pleasant. on a nice day you can buy your drinks and step outside for a walk by the river too.

    • Allan


      The only decent place to get Bubble Tea in Jersey City. Food prices are average. I tried the Calamari Fries, It was a huge portion and yes it was real squid not the fake ones you would get at a local diner. Service was good - not great but thats probably due to the fact that they were busy. The Gelato however, was outta this world!

    • Allen Miller


      An asian stlye teahouse in a sea of english teahouses. All in all a peaceful and pleasant place to spend an hour or two contemplating tea and good conversation with friends.

    • rheena


      I frequently go to get my bubble tea at Babo. I think they have a wide variety of milk tea and smoothies. But if you're not sitting in one of the cushioned seats, I don't recommend lounging because of the very uncomfortable seating arrangements. The service is average.. I haven't had any problems whenever I visit. Although I personally wouldn't buy the very pricey food. I agree when someone said that it's an acquired taste. But if you have an adventurous taste buds, I suggest the iced honeydew or taro milktea with tapioca, and honeydew smoothie with tapioca. Those are my favorites out of the bunch.

    • jen


      BABO is a very comfortable place. It is a matter of one's opinion, and mine is that I enjoy the relaxed environment on the days that are less busy. It can get overcrowded, but doesn't that say something good about the business itself? I've met the boss, and he is very open-minded to what a customer can suggest. Recently they've added better desserts & their bon bon (gelato) is still refreshing as the first day I tried it. The service seems justified to the type of customer is speaking. A girl in front of me was very snobby to the girl behind the register, and while it is best to be nice to everyone, no one deserves to be treated with an attitude like one's better than the other. The BUBBLE TEA is addicting =) and is an acquired taste. I recommend this place to anyone who loves bubble tea or those who want to try something new.

    • Jarett


      From what the person in the first review said, she is right. Babo IS saying, 'Come have tea, but don't stay long.' You can interpret it in many ways. My way being, the owners of the store don't care about the customers, just give us your money and leave. It's no wonder that the furniture is so uncomfortable. Babo is entirely price too. Anything that isn't tea and/or bubble tea, I can get at McDonald's. Why bother paying 4.25 for calamari when I can simpley pay a dollar more for a Big Mac, medium soda and fries? The ideas for Babo's food menu are ridiculous and will fail. I don't see the store staying open for another 2 years.

    • stacey


      I am a frequent buyer who lives in the neighborhood. I am quite surprised that try to please every ethic groups in the area, for me it works, I love their Spicy beef noodle soup with a cup of Jasmine green tea in a little glass teapot. Service is average only because the place is alway crowded with customers when i go.

    • monica


      I am a frequent buyer from this Babo tea store...However July 13, 2005 I went with my boyfriend n his brother and ordered a strawberry and a mango bubbletea..however ours came out after everyone back of us got theres and ours came out 20 minutes..I have gotten my strawberry and my brother in law never got his buble tea and he asked for his money back and this chubby asian girl that works there gave him such attitude..and she gave him one dollar and the other 2 dollars in coins..wudda bitch