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User's reviews

  • Babo Teahouse


    BABO is a very comfortable place. It is a matter of one's opinion, and mine is that I enjoy the relaxed environment on the days that are less busy. It can get overcrowded, but doesn't that say something good about the business itself? I've met the boss, and he is very open-minded to what a customer can suggest. Recently they've added better desserts & their bon bon (gelato) is still refreshing as the first day I tried it. The service seems justified to the type of customer is speaking. A girl in front of me was very snobby to the girl behind the register, and while it is best to be nice to everyone, no one deserves to be treated with an attitude like one's better than the other. The BUBBLE TEA is addicting =) and is an acquired taste. I recommend this place to anyone who loves bubble tea or those who want to try something new.