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Lady Mendl's

56 Irving Place | New York, NY
(212) 533-4600 | Email | Website | Hours
A 5-course high tea in an antique-filled Victorian parlor in The Inn at Irving Place. For $30, a delightful 19th century respite.

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I have been to some of the best Tea Rooms in the world. I live in New York so I thought I should try Lady Mendl's because it comes in as one of the best. It was hardly one of the best in fact, I have been to small mom and pop tea rooms in upstate New York that rival over lady Mendl's. Small portions, never was asked if I wanted another pot of tea especially that I was given a two cup pot and the price was extremely expensive. We weren't offered any seconds like the big Tea Rooms do in England. I was starving when I left and broke. The room was eclectic but the food was below average. I wouldn't go back.

- Judith Oct 5th '16

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