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The Pegg House Tea Room

237 N. Cherry Street | Kernersville, NC
336-993-4100 | Email | Website | Hours

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After a couple of calls and no answer, I made another call one day to make a reservation and left a voicemail. After a couple of days and no reply, I called again. This time, a lady answered, and the reservation was made. When my guest and I arrived, the door was still locked and the closed sign was still in the window. After knocking a few times and no answer, my guest walked around back to see if there was an automobile parked to indicate someone was there. Meanwhile, I telephoned the tea house. A lady answered and unlocked the door when I told her we had a reservation and were locked outside. We were told to pick a table as the lady went to get our menus. She was polite, but more cordial than friendly. While we waited for our order, we notice a few more patrons come in. Each time, they ... (more)

- TL May 12th '16

I have been in many a tea room in the US as well as my travels abroad. I also have been certified as a Master Blender by the American Tea Masters Assoc. Since moving to NC it's been hard to find real tea houses in the area so I was excited to try The Pegg House. I made reservations so when my mother-in-law and I arrived it was frustrating that we had to walk through the different rooms looking for someone that worked there as we were not greeted at the door. We were then stuck back in a corner of a room where a baby shower was going on so it was not very quiet. The waitress came to take our orders and ask what kind of tea we'd like. There was a nice variety of food that you could order though I was a little disappointed at the size of the tea menu. We were told we could only order on... (more)

- Mindy Brown Mar 9th '15

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