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The Pegg House Tea Room

237 N. Cherry Street | Kernersville, NC
336-993-4100 | Email | Website | Hours

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After a couple of calls and no answer, I made another call one day to make a reservation and left a voicemail. After a couple of days and no reply, I called again. This time, a lady answered, and the reservation was made. When my guest and I arrived, the door was still locked and the closed sign was still in the window. After knocking a few times and no answer, my guest walked around back to see if there was an automobile parked to indicate someone was there. Meanwhile, I telephoned the tea house. A lady answered and unlocked the door when I told her we had a reservation and were locked outside. We were told to pick a table as the lady went to get our menus. She was polite, but more cordial than friendly. While we waited for our order, we notice a few more patrons come in. Each time, they ... (more)

- TL May 12th '16

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