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User's reviews

  • Point Loma Tea - Liberty Station


    Not only were the staff bright and welcoming but the shop itself pulled me in. The owner, Cheryl, made sure to inform me in a polite and friendly way of the way she runs her shop. The shop was organized and decorated in a complementing manor. That was just my FIRST impression. As I continued to visit the shop over the past months I found that it will be reorganized and redecorated. This is not only refreshing but exciting especially when new product meets the shelves. I have now found my favorites of her selection: Ceylon, Chamomile Blossoms, Berry Kisses, and most definitely her Afternoon Darjeeling. The Ceylon I purchased was not only present in flavor but long after I had finished my cup the mesh ball infuser (that I had also purchased from Point Loma Tea) allowed the aroma to fill my room, which was also extremely pleasant. Chamomile Blossoms changed my entire view on any Chamomile tea. I had always thought Chamomile was meant to put you to sleep. That was not the case with this product. I felt relaxed and focus as I drank my cup full. I even went back to re-steep for a few more cups. That is also another amazing factor of the tea Point Loma Tea offers, you can steep more than one cup out of the original serving. When I had a party thrown for my birthday I had made sure to purchase a fun and flavorful tea to share with my guests. Berry Kisses fulfilled that wish. I steeped a full pot that served about 12 cups with two teaspoons within my mesh infuser. I will mention that Berry Kisses contain fruit which bulks up the spoons. Do not worry about putting too much, that will only make the flavor stronger. The most recent tea that I have tried is their Afternoon Darjeeling. It was a black tea that contained pure 2nd season Darjeeling. This was my first time every trying a Darjeeling tea, so naturally I was a bit confused on what '2nd season' meant. Cheryl was fully willing and well informed when she explained to me how teas are grown and made. One of my favorite aspects of Point Loma Tea would have to be that they not only sell loose leaf tea but 'tea tool,' scone mixes and jams, other packaged pastries, and if by request will prepare a cup at an extremely reasonable price of a tea you would like to try. Not to mention I feel they have tea and tea accessories that are acceptable for all ages. The prices at Point Loma Tea are not only fair but I feel respected by the prices they have set. If you're looking for a well rounded tea shop I would definitely recommend Point Loma Tea!

    Tearoom response:

    Point Loma Tea staff is happy you and your friends have discovered whole leaf specialty teas and gifts!

    We remember your first visit to the tea shop well it was on your Birthday with your friends!!

    We look forward to your next visit!