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  • The Johnston House


    My sister-in-law and I went to tea and enjoyed the afternoon. My sister-in-law has cancer and we were having tea before she went for one of her radiation treatments. We were leaving and she missed the step going from the tea room to the gift shop, she fell down hard, she feel on her knee and hip, The girl who waited on us came running so do the other ladies having tea. They went and got the owner and she came and asked if she should call 911. My sister-in-law said no she felt she could get up herself she told them she is on her way to the hospital anyway she will get checked. After she got up she was crying about her hip and knee but said she could get to the hospital ok. I hung around to buy somethings and to talk to Teri the owner see I am opening a tea room and asked for some advice. But I was dissapointed because the thing Teri never asked is my sister-in-laws name or phone number so she could call and check on her. She had mine from the reservation, but never called or even offered to give her a gift card to her next tea. I don't do business that way if someone gets hurt you should fill out a report if you don't have one aleast take there information so you can check up on them. Maybe put a strip of different color flooring so someone dont fall again.