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Dr. CJ Collins, DC   

User's reviews

  • Victoria Rose Cottage


    One of my favorite new, gorgeous decor and amazing food restaurants is the Victoria Rose Cottage in Old Town Clovis. Picture old world Victorian glamour - ladies in hats and lovely Victorian dresses serving marvelous teas with fine china and well stocked plates of glorious salads and exquisite sandwiches. I am quite fond of the chicken and chutney sandwich on a buttery croissant and the Cobb salad with beautiful avocado and bacon. The soups are also the best I have ever had. My favorite deserts hands down are cheesecake (the deserts are made fresh every morning unlike other fine dining restaurants that bring in pre-made deserts - the melt in your mouth difference is huge) and the orange cake with rum sauce (I actually shed a tear over this one). As well, I love to watch groups of people enjoying their lunches in the restaurant - from birthdays to baby showers to bridal showers and more. This restaurant is so much fun to just hang out in or to just grab a quick lunch and a few minutes rest time from a busy world. The service for me has always been wonderful and I find the sweet waitresses to be great to chat with if even for a few minutes. Is now the time to let you know I never liked tea that much in the first place? But then the owner introduced me to the difference between tasteless tea (ho-hum) and gourmet tea (oh wow). Now I dream of the Paris tea and the Chocolate Hazlenut tea and sometimes I do 'tea' take out because I need my tea fix. Thanks again to the wonderful owners who risked a dream to make my food (and tea) dreams come true.