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Enjoyed My First Tea, Disappointing Service at 2nd   

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  • Tea's Me


    Its unfortunate that after having a remarkable and very enjoyable Tea experience during my first visit, that my next opportunity to have tea at Tea's Me wasn't able to happen. MY ADVICE.... It doesn't matter what is occurring in your life or what is happening around you, DO NOT FORGET TO CALL AND CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION!! Pray you don't get called by 'Julie' and completely accused of being the most thoughtless person that you couldn't call and cancel your reservation. No matter how good a person you are, despite your every intention to try and do what's right, in one fail swoop, you can be the most careless and thoughtless person ever. 'Julie' made sure to make me feel like the most terrible person in the world. What little understanding or compassion these 'Seemingly PLeasant' people are. What a disappointment!!

    Tearoom response:

    We ask for reservations to not only to ensure a table, but so that we can have adequate amount of food and staff. We do understand everyone has problems, as do we and we just ask for the common courtesy to call if you can’t make it. We make everything fresh daily, nothing is premade then frozen. When a reservation is held, we get up early in the morning to start making ingredients for finger sandwiches, make batches of scones (baked when you arrive), deserts and slice fruit in advance that day or you would have to wait longer for you meal. We also bring in more staff for larger parties. When a party does not show up, all of this ends up in the garbage at a financial loss to us. Many tea rooms ask for a credit card number in advance and will charge you whether you make it or not. We prefer not to do this to our customers, in hopes that they would have the common courtesy to call and cancel. People wonder why tea rooms come and go this is one of the biggest reasons it is the single largest cause of our losses.

    Thank you for your understanding,