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User's reviews

  • Calabash Garden Tea Room


    As an avid fan of tea rooms, I was so excited to visit this one...#1 in North Carolina. I drove quite a distance to get here and was thrilled with my experience. I must comment on several of the previous reviews that state the food or service is not up to par. I have been to tea rooms all over the world and both the food and service were outstanding. The servers took their time getting to know myself and my company, teaching us about tea and the differences among all the varieties. The server brought the tea to the table after 5 minutes of brewing time, poured the tea for each of us, commenting on color and smell and then delicately placed the teapots on the warmers. For those who do not know what to expect as far as tea room food goes, deli sized sandwiches simply do not exist. A tea is meant to stave off one's appetite before dinner. I must say though, that the 6 finger sandwiches, giant scone and 4 desserts definitely filled me up. Everything was fresh and delicious. The cucumber dill sandwich and apricot sandwich tied with a satin ribbon were my favorites, although all were delicious. I have been to tea rooms where frozen or boxed foods are used, and this is NOT one of them. The homemade bread pudding was fantastic, individually cupped in glass and covered with a bourbon caramel sauce. The fruit was skewered on a jeweled toothpick and drizzled with white chocolate and the strawberries were hand-dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkles. Thank you Kathy and Anna for a wonderful treat - I am sure to be back again!