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francie butler   

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  • Tea On The Tiber


    three of us ladies visited the tea room yesterday. what a disappointment compared to other teas we've been to. the food was very, very skimpy (just as other reviewers said). you get one very small scone with servings of lemon curd, clotted cream that is enough to cover one person's small scone. oh, these toppings are 'unlimited' (unlike the actual tea food offerings as in other teas), but who wants to keep calling the server back every time for each person to have enough to spread on their scone? that was the extent of the first 'course'. the second course consisted of one inch-long wrap with a sliver of ham, a round tomatoe sandwhich the size of a half dollar, a tiny tart, and an opened faced cucumber sandwhich. the next course was one strawberry with chocolate coating only on the bottom, a stale-tasting cookie and a tiny 'trifle' in a plastic-like cup that was still frozen in the middle. as for the service re the still-frozen trifle, we were told we were supposed to 'let it thaw' and at this point we were there for over an hour. worse, was when we told the hostess/manager instead of apologizing we were given a lecture how we have to understand something about the kitchen's temperature and besides, we came early anyway. (ten minutes at the most). worst 'tea' any of us have ever been to.