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User's reviews

  • The Pink Bicycle Tea Room


    I must say that I was a little disappointed with the Pink Bicycle Tea Room. My party and I were not able to choose our tea, but were offered two tea favours or 'teas of the day' as they were. The tea meal itself was fabulous but lacked over the top artistry that I looked forward to in preparation as I expected due to the 'rave' reviews on this site. Service was very slow. I do hope the my comments help the owner improve. I believe she has a great location and the begginings of a great endeavors... she just needs little more umph in the operation! Best wishes and best regards!

    Tearoom response:

    Heather, Thank you for your constructive comments. The reason we only offer two tea choices is because our kitchen is very small and that is a more manageable way for us to serve tea. If it is a slow day at the tea room we do provide our listing of teas for your selection. As for the service we do not rush our teas. I always tell my guests plan on being there for at least an hour and a half if not two hours. We do not like to rush our teas. If your group experienced a longer wait time between courses I can only appologize for having an off day. Since your visit we have added more variety to our Queen's tea by adding a larger variety of sandwhices and savories. Again, thank you for your constructive comments. I do hope you visit us again soon; we have been having rave reviews for over five years and are constantly evolving to be the best. Sincerely, Lisa Renee Johnson, Owner

  • Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse


    This is a fabulous place for the ultimate tea critic! This tea room is properly authenic and a true delight for any meal! I would definately visit again and would recommend that anyone visting the Boulder/Lousiville/Broomfield area to may homage to this true Indo-Asian tea room!

  • Charleston Place Hotel (Lobby Lounge)


    I've attended to tea at Charleston Place several times now. It's a great location but busily and rushed. My favourite time is of course to enjoy Tea during the holidays when the pianist is playing his festive tunes in the Main Lobby. The atomsphere is fantastic and the lobby is decorated lavishly. I was however discouraged about the knowledge of the servers persenting Tea. Having lived in North Yorkshire, England during my teens and becoming very familiar with a Proper Tea, I am very particular about pronunciation as well as the history of tea, etc. I find this a very important factor in the Tea World experience, especially when Charleston Tourists are often not exposed to this special event, while at the same time I treasure it so dearly!

  • Time Well Spent


    A Time Well Spent is an honored tradition that my mother-in-law, soon to be aunts and grandmother first celebrated with me 6 years ago now... at one time TWS even hosted a bridal consignment shoppe next door which I indeed found THE DRESS for my Victorian wedding! Time Well Spent is an excellent place for the ladies to relax and enjoy one another's company with proper teas and specialities! Cheers to the staff and owners! Keep up the great work... you are a delight!