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User's reviews

  • Tea Rose Garden


    First off the name is mis-leading as it is confusing with another tearoom in Pasadena, ie: Rose Tree Cottage, which by all accounts has been around for thirty years. A more original name would have been more impressive. We walked in with a reservation and there were about four tables occupied and all the others, about five of them, were a mess and not bused. We waited for one of the young gals to drag herself over and tidy up a table for us. Service was completely uninspiring. The entire experience was disappionting. I won't go on but really this tearoom should either stick to flower arranging (the floral bouquet on the table was tasteful and modern)or up their standards and atmosphere. It seems all the tearooms in Pasadena are past their sell by date and need major re-work. Come on don't settle for less than mediocre, start bringing up your standards!

  • Chado Tea Room


    Everything here was pretty average but whats really surprising is how dull and uninspiring the atmosphere is. Come on people, its time to get an updated look for your tearoom. Your West Hollywood place is no better. Part of the charm of going to tea is the overall experience which includes service and interior design with in your establishment.Attention to detail goes along way especially when your food is mediocre. You can not rely solely on your tea selection, which is comprehensive. Its time to try harder and maybe consider a 're-do' Good luck!

  • Rose Tree Cottage


    There are an amazing amount of tearooms in the city/town of Pasadena. I have visited five of them. By the far the best of them was The Rose Tree Cottage. It seems that they are the original tearoom in the town. We had a last minute reservation for Sunday and we were late getting there as we went to their old establishment. Teamap has the old address and it really needs to be changed.. its been two years. We got there and they were gracious about us being late. It was a set tea so there was nothing for us to do but sit back and let the tea party begin. Lots of delicious details and my teapot was filled constantly by charming young ladies. We chatted with the owners who were lovely. There is a gift shop that is filled with lots of fun British items and clothing form classic outfitters, Barbour. This tearoom is so classically British. It reminds me of many tea shops all over the UK which brings many happy memories for me now that I live in America. Frankly, I wouldn't bother with any of the other tearooms in Pasadena Cheeky I know but really all the others need to up their standards!