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Janet Wolsborn   

User's reviews

  • High Tea Cottage


    I can't comment on the quality of food or tea as we never got beyond being seated and I can say for a fact I'll never go back to find out just how 'authentic' it may be. Arriving 15 minutes late on a Friday afternoon due to heavy traffic, we were bluntly told by the owner, after being seated, we wouldn't be served because we were too late....even though there was 15 minutes before the final seating and there wasn't a single person in the establishment. I understand if, as the owner, you want to close up early. What I don't understand is, must you be so RUDE in going about kicking us out? May I remind you, you're running a tea room, which is as much about creating a graceful, refined and polite atmosphere as it is about what is served. My Can adian grandmother would have been horrified. I suggest to anyone who is interested in an authentic high tea EXPERIENCE with impecable service and an wonderful menu, try the Peninsula Hotel in LA. It will cost you about the same and you'll be treated properly. For the more budget minded, the Hunington Library and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena is also a nice choice. The setting can't be beat, however the food is slightly on the mass produced side, though still quite decent and in fact similar to several high teas I've experienced in the UK.