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  • The Loose Teas - Cafe and Gifts


    This tea house has an amazing array of global teas. They have white tea, red tea, green tea, etc. They even have a white tea that is harvested on two days a year. You can purchase loose leaf tea from them as well. I have always enjoyed tea, however, I had not realized all background preparation required in making a good cup of tea. The owners, Kim and Cindy, are exceptionally knowledgeable about tea. They taught me the importance of water temperature, length of seeping the tea, amount of ice and sugar to use, etc. in order to make a perfect cup of tea. Furthermore, each cannister of tea on their infamous 'tea wall' is labeled with colorful description and whether the tea is good hot, cold, or as a milk tea, thereby ensuring that you can find that right tea that suits your mood at that specific point in time. Besides the delicious product that they offer, this tea house fosters the perfect ambiance to enjoy such a delicate beverage. Kim and Cindy are extremely welcoming and make it a point to learn their customers' names, thus making each trip to the tea house a personal one. They softly pipe everything from Hawaiian music to Frank Sinatra on the speakers and have a good selection of magazines to peruse through. They also offer free wireless access and a couch should you choose to relax in comfort. Unlike many other tearooms or coffeeshops, Kim and Cindy do not rush their patrons to leave, rather, they encourage customer to sit and sip their tea in leisure. It is also my understanding that they host tea tasting events and on some nights showcase a dj to perform at the tea house. I highly recommend this tea house for its friendliness, comfort, personality, diversity, and most importantly for the quality of tea that is invested in each cup they serve.