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Jennifer Hatch   

User's reviews

  • Brambleberry Cottage and Tea Shoppe


    From the moment I stepped out of my vehicle, I was delighted by what I saw. The cottage was so cute. Yes, cute is the most suitable word for the place. The front yard was covered in beautiful flowers making the cottage both comforting and inviting. It drew me in; I just wanted to get inside. On my approach towards the building, the wonderful smell of blueberry hit my nose. I thought to myself, 'What a delightful smell, I must know what that is!' I walked through the front door and was greeted by soft and comfortable colors. Pale shades of pink and green were scattered all throughtout the rooms. Each room was filled with a kind of angelic essence that made me want to move in right there on the spot. I was immediately seated and greeted by an employee. She was such a nice lady. She was very soft spoken and kind, and she made me feel extremely welcome. She brought our table peaches and cream iced tea, which was unfathomably delicious. I think I drank over three cups of it before the food even arrived! When the food did arrive, I was pleasantly suprised. Three teirs of the most delicious food I've probably ever eaten. On the top there were lemon cakes, rasberry cupcakes with filling (yum), and eclaires with the word 'tea' scribbled on them in frosting. In the middle there were plain scones with powdered sugar sprinkled on top, and on the bottom there were two different kinds of sandwiches. Every bite I took of anything was heaven, and I highly recommend the jam that they have set out (my goodness, so much heaven). I savored every bite and drank as much tea as I could consume in one setting. It was all so good. The atmosphere, the employees, the food, and the tea were all amazing. I felt so much hospitality while I was there, and the employees were constantly checking to see if we needed anything. Overall, I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful place because it will be an experience you will never forget. I will visit again!