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  • Tea Station San Diego 2


    If you are unhappy with the Mira Mesa Tea Station, try visiting another one in San Diego located off of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. It is in the plaza across from the '99 Ranch Market' and is fairly easy to find. The time and day you decide to go will indicate your level of service, the taste in food and drinks, etc. I have been to many Boba shops throughout California and Tea Station is truly one of the best. Sure, there is a lack of consistency regarding the taste of the drinks at each Tea Station branch. However, if you know how to pick your drinks and food wisely-- you will not be disappointed. Ask the waitress or waiter for their opinion. They will suggest the more popular and better tasting items on the menu. If you visit the Clairemont Tea Station during its busiest hours, you might end up being displeased with their customer service. There are usually only two waiters available so be patient if they cannot get to you immediately. Besides, both you and the waiter know that YOU possess the wallet that will either provide them with tip money or not. If you are in a hurry, then perhaps it is better that you do not go to Tea Station when there is a wave of customers flooding in. There are some customers that become highly upset with the '20 dollar' credit card minimum. Yet, there are signs clearly posted in the store informing the customers of the $20 minimum charge. If you are respectful to the employees at Tea Station, it will be reciprocated. Clairemont's Tea Station has the best boba. Even before it opens, customers will be eagerly waiting outside to purchase Boba drinks. So, if you aren't happy with Mira Mesa---at least try the Tea Station on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.