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  • Charlotte's Tea Room


    My mother and I go to this place very often and we loved it so much we thought it would be great to have my baby shower there, after all the expense my mother went through to throw me a shower we heard them talking bad about how 'loud' we were and we made 'a huge mess' well for 2 grand I really wouldn't complain about a mess that we ourselves cleaned up and with 35 people attending a baby shower don't expect us to sit in silence. If that's the case we should have thrown my shower somewhere else. The men who work there are extremely great and we loved them. The woman on the other hand were rude to all of us. My mom and I use to go there all the time and she refuses to go back after that.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Jessie,

    We heard laughter throughout the whole day and had no idea that you were so unhappy. Quite frankly I don't remember any such kitchen conversation as you seem to think you overheard, but I can only assure you that what you interpreted as an afront to your party's behavior was most likely a comment made in passing to keep the kitchen staff abreast of our inevitable end-of-day maintenance schedule. Do also keep in mind that we had many other reservations that day and your eavesdropping may have made you privy to a lighthearted conversation not only not meant for your ears, but not even about your shower.

    And just to clear the air about Charlotte's shower prices, you seem to be quite misinformed as to how much your mother spent on your shower. Even with your mother's many additions to our basic party package our final price was nowhere near that.

    All of us at Charlotte's wish you the best of luck and happiness on your new journey of motherhood.