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Jill Sexton   

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  • Henry's Antiques, Collectibles & Tearoom


    Not only did you have my mom's Christmas statue (the man and boy pulling the Christmas tree) for sale in your shop, I now see you're using her goblets in your tearoom. Please don't try to tell me those aren't Jan's goblets, I drank out of them every holiday for 50 years. Why do you tell people you don't put things from the estate sales in your shop when you do? You and Mary called my sister from mom's house the day you picked up the stove you bought because you couldn't find the garage door opener for the barn. When I went to the house that evening, I quickly noticed the christmas statue and goblets were gone off the table in the living room as I had put them there the night before when my husband and I were emptying off your tables in the front bedroom. I'm assuming the reason you never cashed the $68 check I left for the table (the one I left the next day with the woman who sleeps at your front cash register) was because you felt guilty about taking the statue and glasses? and then some woman there tried to tell me she had just gotten mom's statue out of your attic. Well, she may have, but it was still mom's statue and you probably put it there the day before!!! I am fine with Mary and your daughter, Lee, but I think you are a dishonest person and I am definitely filing a complaint about your company with the Better Business Bureau as you broke just about everything in our contract--we were not paid on time, the junk dealers were in and out of my mom's house for 17 DAYS after the sale, then they shut the water off and didn't leave a note, I almost flooded the place when I turned it back on so that a lady who was looking at the house could use the toilet and water started spraying everywhere from the icemaker hose, and then you had my mom's items for sale in your shop. Believe me, you have not heard the last of me. I will trash your company any chance I get, on facebook, twitter, etc, until you admit what you did. Flona Smith warned me that were not an honest person (she loved your husband, couldn't stand you) and I should have listened to her as she is a wonderful woman. I lived next door to her for 15 years and never heard her say an unkind word about anyone but you, and I should have listened!! My sister may have been the executor of mom's will, but I am a one third owner and I will definitely be filing a complaint about your practices with the Better Business Bureau and the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce. My husband took a picture with his cell phone of mom's christmas statue in your shop, and I took one in the tearoom of mom's goblets, and I have the pictures off your website from mom's sale downloaded on a zip disc, so I can defintely show that the items were in mom's house, then in your shop. I think it is very deceitful how you told us that the things could be 'donated' at the end of the sale, leading us to believe that they could be donated to Goodwill, Ozanam, somewhere like that, when actually, they were being 'donated' to YOU to sell in your shop and then you sold the rest of the 'donations' to your junk dealer. Sorry, but you were deceitful and this is a scam. My son goes to school in Warrensburg and I walked around the antique mall there last weekend when we took him back and saw several of my mom's items there. I asked at the counter, and the lady told me they bought out estate sales frequently. I took pictures of these items,also. If you are going to sell things to a junk dealer afterwards, you should tell the people that and then give them a percentage of what you sell the leftovers for, not tell them it's being 'donated'. I truly felt the way you presented it the day Jenny signed the contract was extremely deceitful and you should have been upfront about what you actually do when the sale is over. Again, I will be filing complaints with everyone I can think of, if you simply would have gotten on the phone and apologized the day I had to come to your store and pick up the check that supposedly had been mailed a week before (amazing that the check never showed up-probably because it had never been sent!!), you could have saved yourself a lot of grief as I will be trashing your company every chance I get. I have been an RN for close to 30 years at Children's Mercy and work with the public everyday (in fact, one of the nurse practitioner's I work with mother was one of your sorority sisters from CMSU, believe me, I have told her what I think about you, she was horrified, but apparently not surprised, at your behavior) She also suggested I file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General's office about your practices, which I think I will do, also. Again, all of this could have been avoided if you would have just gotten on the phone and apologized for letting the junk people trapise thru mom's house for 17 days, for your bookkeeper's incompetence, and for not being honest about 'donating'. And to think my mom thought you were her friend. If this is how your treat a 'friends' family, I really feel sorry for the unsuspecting, general public!!!! I truly feel sorry for Mary, as she seems to be a nice lady and her job seems to be cleaning up your messes!!! I am sorry that your mother was ill, but I am sure you know my mom was also caring for her ill brother and our grandma who turned 100 last week, so Jenny and I were dealing with that also during this time (not to mention our alcoholic, meth-head brother who stole thousands of dollars fom our mom over the last 10 years.) Again, all I ever asked for was an apology and you didn't see fit to do this, so now you can deal with complaints to the BBB, Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce and the State Attorney General's Office.