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  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    My sister and I are visiting Dunedin and I came upon this tearoom in my search. Just based on the Tearoom responses to reviewers, I will not go there. First, I suspect the tearoom of inputting rave reviews...this place is just too small for so many reviews. And, if the reviews are genuine, I find the proprietor extremely demeaning in her comments and just plain rude. I have tea elsewhere. Joellen

    Tearoom response:

    Hi be honest, I find you to be rude. You left a negative review even though you have not been to our tearoom. I have no problem if you want to leave an opinion, but to put poor ratings on our food, service variety, etc., is outragious! For your information we are a very busy tearoom...we seat 20 in the front room and 8-10 in the second room. We serve award winning food and our staff is wonderful...we have many return customers and as far as the reviews, teamap is set up to only allow one review per entry. Owners are not able to leave multiply reviews etc. So happy you had tea elsewhere. So sorry if you feel this response to be demeaning, but people like you who try to damage small businesses and speak of which you know nothing about is offensive to me. I believe you have an agenda, but Happy New Year, regardless.