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Judy Duvall   

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  • Vintage Tea Leaf


    My Southern California Welsh Choir had a private party at the VTL. I was unable to attend, but afterward I was amazed at all the positive talk by the others that had attended. So, about 2 weeks ago, I took my attorney to have tea and near the end talk some business. What a surprise I had! Pam and I picked out hats and boas and took so long trying everything on! Then we picked out our own cups and saucers. I noticed that all were quite clean and a few had some tea stains as any person would expect from tea cups that ranged in age up to 100 years old. After we (actually me) finally decided what cup/saucer, we were ushered into the tea room itself. How amazing it was to go back in time to what I would think to be the 1920's and '30's and a very traditional, sophisticated decor. Every little nuance is just perfect. Miss Beverly greeted my friend and I and I must admit, she recommended a good tea, but she must have come back for our order about 3 times before we actually ordered. She never acted like she was put out or inconvienced, even though she was; we apologized each time. I believe the menu selection we choose was called the tea of decadence; and it was! The mushroom soup was a house specialty and it was creamy and delicious. The sandwiches were good some were better than others. The selection list of sandwiches is large. The desert was so yummy (an orange/cocoanut very moist cake) that I wasn't disappointed that we didn't get the two tiers of tiny deserts. We were really full when finished. I know many times I've went for tea and it's quite expensive, i.e., the Laguna Ritz Carlton and everyone goes out hungry even after ordering more ala carte sandwiches. We were not hurried along in the least as we had a reservation. In fact we were there for over 3 1/2 hours! We had so much fun with our hats and boas as did the other tea takers. One table of 4 women got up 1/2 way through their tea and left and then came back with different hats! On the way out, I bought two gifts and I've stopped for a baby shower gift last Saturday on the way to the shower. I've taken tea all over the world including, England, Wales, and Scotland, but I've never had as much fun as I had that day. I've already booked a reservation for another friend's birthday in two weeks. There will be 3 of us that day and we will have more fun than I did at 5 and 6 years old playing tea in the backyard playhouse with mudcakes and water! One more thought: After reading the other reviews, don't always believe a negative review when there are so many positive ones. Sometimes, competitors leave nasty reviews for obvious reasons. Judy Duvall 8/16/05