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User's reviews

  • Kaleisia Tea Lounge


    This place is simply excellent! If you have not tried Kaleisia's then get off the computer right now and give them a try (and if you have a laptop then go ahead and take your computer with you). Sit and relax while enjoying a refreshing smoothie or an exquisite pot of tea, and maybe a pastry or two. It is the perfect place to read a book, use your laptop, or meet with friends in a stress-free setting that will make you forget your 'other' life. Kaleisia's is unique in their selection of ultra-premium teas and ingredients, and in their attention to detail from the teas to service. Several people that I have talked to have commented on Kim's attentiveness and desire to remember the name of each customer along with their preferences. Both Kim and Lan are always happy to answer any questions and really try hard to satisfy everyone so I have found that they always welcome feedback and take suggestions to heart. Even at busy times I see how they rush to get things done and yet they don't cut any customer short if they have questions concerning different teas or need help finding something from the superb selection. I have read that one initial impression when walking in to Kaleisia's is that it is a kind of “Starbucks for tea” but while that analogy is useful to contrast the atmosphere with that of a traditional English-style reservations-only tearoom, the comparison otherwise falls short. Kim and Lan really want to show people the beauty of tea, which is reflected in their use of glass teapots, shelves full of tea samples (to view and smell), and detailed knowledge of the origin, harvest, and preparation of every tea. They are not interested in pushing people in and out as fast as possible but rather want people to learn about teas and their health benefits even if that does not result in a purchase. Whatever you prefer, give it a try and see what you have been missing!