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User's reviews

  • Miss Minerva's Tea Room & Gift Shop


    I have eaten at this tea shop three times hoping for an improvement each time. Each time I have asked for no less than two teas before I find one they actuaaly have in stock even though it was offered for selection. Secondly, the food is just not that good or imaginative. The egg salad is very plain and not tasty at all. The age of the desserts is questionable, not baked fresh that day for sure. And the bread is from a grocery store and not inspiring. The first time I visited, with my daughter, we ordered two full teas. What was brought out would not have satisfied one person, even though we were asured we would leave unable to eat everthing. The sandwiches were cut exceptionally small, bite size, as was everthing else. There is a hat room where you may borrow lady like items to be more teaish but I found all of the hats to be dirty with hair grease, and forbade my teenage daughter from trying them on. Service has been slow each time and we have received an apology from the poor server each time about the delay. The decor is cheap and the ' dressed up dummy' is relatively scary. We left $48 less rich and still hungry. Maybe if we had gone for the conversation and not the food and tea we would have a more glowing review, but we did not. It was quite though each time. Locals don't seem to go there much, but the 'red hatters' do. Again for the conversation not the food.

  • Madison Tea Room at Jimmie's Market


    I have eaten at this 'tea shop' several times always hoping for an improvement. I have give up. The food is expensive to start. It is not fresh. They make it sometime or other and then when you order it, the server microwaves it in front of you. The pastries are not homemade with the exception occassionally of a chocolate chip cookie or so. They come in huge boxes and are displayed in such, are dry and very tasty. They have a deli and make fresh sandwiches to order but they slowly made. A sandwich and soda will set you bac between $10 and $12. The gelato is good but pricey, and it is only good if you get a freshly opened container, summer best time to buy. If you go inwinter ti get the treat, you will get some gooey stuff with it letting you know that it's old and been in a freezer too long. They do how ever have two things that we stop in for. The tea related antiques and the bunny mint. Commercially made mints are available with a pic of a long ago deceased family pet, Bunny the horse. The antiques are normal but occassionally I can find a unique item to add to my collection of tea related items. Skip the food.

    Tearoom response:

    Too bad you didn't say something when you were here. None of the foods you mention

    are served on our tea menu, which includes only house made foods. We do heat

    food on our Cafe menu in the microwave, but not foods on our tea menu.