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Karina Garay   

User's reviews

  • Little Leaf Tea


    Ok I've heard some reviews of this place but its the help they have hired to blame. The gal that helped me seemed to be the owner or maybe daughter of the owner. She looked like she knew what she was talking about. Cared about what she was selling.Very interested in helping me. The worker behind the counter looked unhelpful and should most likely research tea if he is going to work there. Well the nice gal asked me what I like or was looking for. Explained info on the teas I asked about. She wasn't American, maybe Japanese, Korean, not sure. Maybe that had to do with how well mannered she was. She is very cute,petite, and had a soft accent. I'd ask her to help me again. This place offers some tea sets which is a plus. She explained they receive a large range during Christmas. I love to collect tea sets. I always use one teapot for the tea I want to drink and another teapot for my husband. If I make tea for myself he'll ask where is his.

  • Pearl Tea House


    I love this place for boba drinks and are the best in Fresno. The bobas are always so fresh. The only bad thing for me is they only take cash. I never carry cash, that's a thing of the past for me. The people could be a little more friendly but maybe they would be faking it because its not in their demeanor. I like a little 'how are you today?' but not to much like 'how's your family'. There is no food offered here just drinks. They do sell tea but I've never asked for it to take home. Most people go for the boba. Its across from Fresno State. I love going when I have cash, they have tons of flavors to pick from.