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User's reviews

  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    I was just on this site, reading reviews, trying to see which teahouse I'd like to go to... After reading how the owner has responded to a few customers, I am completely turned off by this teahouse! I don't like the way you have responded to the few people who said something was just rude! I also have to suspect that the owner is pretended to be other people... On the 3 negative reviews i've seen on this page, someone right away comes jumping to your defense?? Weird. Ifyour only sign is the one posted on your picture, then I can totally see how that one lady kept missing it, espically since it's a house! That sign looks tiny! And who doesn't take credit card these days?? Esp if a meal per person cost (assuming) about $20? Not everybody carrys cash! Anyways, glad I read these reviews before I went! Owner- you shouldn't be so rude to customers!! Thats such a pet peeve of mine(which is why you won't be getting my business)

    Tearoom response:

    Hi Kate! For someone who hasn't been to this tearoom, you certainly made a lot of judgements about it, including leaving a review for something you have no knowledge of...sorry if you think that is rude, but to leave a negative score for food, variety, service etc.on a place YOU have never been to...well need I say more. I think you have an agenda and should feel ashamed of yourself for trying to disparage a small business.