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Kathy K.   

User's reviews

  • Harmony Tea Room


    I have been going here regularly, and wrote a very favorable review in March; but my enjoyment at this tea room has been gradually decreasing. I still find the quality of the food excellent, but the service the last few times has been downright surly. (I have had the misfortune to have the same girl the last several must be her shift.) Today, I showed up with my mom just before closing, and we were told that if we both wanted to order the scones, there weren't enough fresh ones left for 2 people, but we could have frozen ones heated up. This did not sound appetizing, and we ordered just a pot of tea for one (which comes with 2 scones, the only 2 left for the day). I don't think it was filled all the way. We asked our non-friendly waitress if there was a little more tea, which we have had in the past. First, she said 'no, everything has been shut off'. Then she said we could have a little more...but she charged for it, and did not tell us this would be the case. Considering that we have been somewhat regulars and that their lack of available fresh food was the only reason we were sharing the one pot, we found this extremely off-putting. Miss Surly also dragged a garbage pail noisily right by our table while we were trying to enjoy our tea. Also, the last time we were there, the air conditioner was not working, and we were literally sweating at our table. Fortunately, it was not raining, and we were able to move to a table outside. When we went again today, it still felt overly warm inside...not as bad as last time, but I suspect that is only because the outside temperature was not as bad. I'm not confident that the air conditioner works, or is turned on in a prompt manner. Additionally, I agree with the reviewer who said that plain scones should always be an option. Oatmeal-raisin is simply not a plain scone. Also, I agree with other reviewers that the portions are quite small considering what you are paying for it (especially the jam and cream). I called the quality of food 'average' because that is what you get when you balance out tasty food with meager servings (without offering traditional scones as an option) and nickel-and-diming regulars for whom you don't have enough fresh food. It's too bad...we really liked this place for a while, but it hasn't been enjoyable recently.

    Tearoom response:


    Yes you and your mom have been coming often and I am always happy to see you. Today was unfortunate as you arrived 10 minutes before we close for the day and yes we were shutting things down. I offered to bake you fresh scones as I had them in the freezer and said it would take 11 minutes for them. I thought that was a nice offer since we were closing and since you are a regular I would have been happy to do that for you. I think we had a miscommunication. I did have the difficulty with the AC last time but I'm happy to report that it does work. I didn't know you were charged for the tea and if you visit again I'll adjust for that error.

  • The Rolling Pin Cafe


    Unfortunately, they are not a tea-room and don't do English-style 'tea' as a meal. I have been in there twice - both times, the server was REALLY slow, and I felt that it was overpriced. The food was, however, very good.