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User's reviews

  • Teaberry's Tea Room


    My Mum was a very proper English Lady with a twinkle in her eye and a great sense of humor. We always joked that the Irish have a wake, so the English should have a tea. We even playfully planned it! Six months after my Mum passed away Susan and her wonderful staff helped me have that Memorial Tea honoring my Mum with 50+ of her nearest and dearest. From the choice of rooms to the linens to the arrangements to the menu (Milady teas with all of Mum's favorites) everything was as we would want it. The food, as always, was fresh, beautifully presented and delicious. They even boxed up additional 'teas' for friends who couldn't attend. The staff was friendly and attentive. I had taken my Mum to have tea at Teaberry's 2 years before, because it was rated #1 in NJ, and she had enjoyed it so much. It seemed natural to have the celebration of her life there. It was a joyous event for all. I deeply appreciate all of the kindness Susan and her staff showed me and my Father as we went through such a difficult time in our lives. They helped me keep a promise I had made to my Mum come true. I will always appreciate that. I would urge anyone planning any kind of event to think of Teaberry's as the perfect setting for their event.

  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    'Moffat's Cup of Tea' is such a jem in the Dunedin area. When we was visiting my husband's family last year I had the luck to bring a dear friend to celebrate the life of my English Mum who had passed away. Joy and I passed a lovely afternoon having tea and getting to know Ailean Lyttle, the remarkable lady behind the delightful tearoom with pastel colours, pretty china and facinating collections all around. I meant to come home and write a glowing review but life got in the way. A year has passed and my father is now gone and we are back visiting Fl. My husband and I had tea today at Moffat's in honour of Mum's passing 3 years ago yesterday and I was delighted that everything is better than ever. Libby served a delicious crab bisque to start. We then enjoyed the tiered cake stand of egg salad, cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, banana bread and strawberry scones with homemade special cream, and ended with tiramisu squares, chocolate brownie with fruit, a peanut butter delight and petite choix. All of these served with a wonderful strawberry blend tea. The milk was served from a fun cat milk jug! Libby was so attentive, we couldn't have had better service. My only sadness was that I didn't get to chat with Aileen and hear more wonderful stories about her Mum and her heritage. But I understand she is busy with a new venture, The Gaelic Dish Restaurant, that she hopes to have open by Mother's Day. I wish her much success and can't wait to try it's fare. This really is the most charming and welcoming tearoom, like sharing a good chat and smile with a friend in their home. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

    Tearoom response:

    Oh Sweetie, I was so sorry I wasn't able to spend time with you during your visit. I was so touched when Libby told me about you wanting to 'share' your tea with your precious. I do hope next year when you come, we can take time for a real visit and a hug!