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User's reviews

  • Moffat's Gaelic Dish


    I've been to many of the tea rooms in the Tampa Bay area and found that Moffat's service and quality was lacking. Neither the tea pot, nor the comdiments (sugar, sugar substitutes and cream) were never left on the table and we were left with empty cups for minutes at a time which seems like forever when you've just bitten into a piece of 5 day old crusty cholocate cake. It was 62 outside and even colder inside with no working heat. The scones are not authentic the cream is sour cream based (also not authentic) I notice that there were no tea bags hanging from the pots they poured with, which was curious to me especially when I found a tea in the box at Publix that shared the same name and flavor as the tea I was served at Moffats. Premium tea doesn't have a square piece of paper on a string. I would not suggest this tea house to anyone.

    Tearoom response:

    You are correct, Lesley, we don't leave our teapots and sides on the table because we here at Moffat's were raised right. When you come to have tea, you are supposed to be served...that is part of the ritual of having tea, it's tradtion. Also, you are not suppose to 'gulp' it is to be sipped and enjoyed, so I do appoligize for you haveing to wait a minute or two between refills...As for the devonshire cream...yes sour cream is used. Clotted cream does not have sour cream. As for the tea bags...when using a loose leaf tea one does not see teabags hanging over the side of the pot, also many teas have the same name and/or far as the tea bags go in general, I think Harrod's of London, Twinings, Brodies, Jackson's of Piccadily and Taylor's of Harrogate are considered worldwide as 'premium' tea makers and by the way, they all have tea bags. I hope this helps educate you a little bit more on the art of 'having tea' so that the next tearoom who has to deal with your ingnorace won't be unjustly described on the internet.