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Mariette Baker   

User's reviews

  • Sweet Afton Tea Room and Restaurant


    Waitress was rude and food was so skimpy that we had to eat again after leaving there, we had high tea. There were four of us and two of us ordered the same tea and they wouldn't refill our teapot for the ones sharing. Seated us by the kitchen and we made early reservations for a special occasion. Owners are nice.

    Tearoom response:

    Mariette,<BR> Rudeness is never tolerated in our business and professional life as well as in our family life. I would like you to call me regarding the details and I will deal with this situation. As to the food portion sizes, this is what has been served at Sweet Afton Tea Room for 20 years with the exact same recipes. I am not sure what was expected but would like to talk to you about this. I need more information about the tea sharing. Did you order one pot of tea or two? If you ordered only one pot to share and then requested a refill, this would not be fair to our business. If you ordered two separate orders but was served in a single pot with the intention of having it refilled and then paying for the two orders, this is a mistake on our part and we would like to remedy the situation. <BR> <BR> Please call me at 734-454-0777 so I may get more details on this situation. <BR> Al Wilkerson