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Mark Jacobus   

User's reviews

  • White Oak Tea Tavern


    Like another reviewer I also drove more than an hour to get here only to be turned away for not having a reservation. Top that with not being able to park near the building and poor signage as to where to park in the overflow and it took us about 10 minutes to get to the front door from our car. My wife is handicapped and getting her near the door was difficult. You need signs in the overflow as to where to park. I was concerned about being towed from the construction company lot in the back. Nowhere on your website does it indicate that a reservation is needed. Why not avoid conflict and losing customers and be courteous enough to post this information. I wouldn't have expected this much activity at a gift shop/tea house of all places. You could have warned us. The other issue is hours. A banner was prominent on the building that hours had changed. It takes an effort to print and hang a banner. Changing a few lines on a website takes very little effort - why not keep it up to date? The inside of the place is cute, but very difficult to move around. Not particularly safe easy for people with disabilities. My family and I had hoped to enjoy our day here, but hardly had a chance to shop let alone eat. The bad impression will keep us and our friends away in the future.