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User's reviews

  • Belladonna Gift Boutique and Tea Room


    It was an ok experience. I have been going to tea rooms since I was a little girl and I can definitely say that I have had better. But it seems to me from the responses you have given other people that have given you just an 'ok', is that you can't take criticism. Not everyone has to like you, you know. And you don't always have to answer every review you don't like defensively. Different strokes for different folks. No one else on this website does for thought!

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Sue's (from below) friend,

    A very wise person said, 'I don't know the secret to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone'.

    I have certainly learned this over the past 10 years of owning our small tea house. I come to work each day with a prayer that I will bless everyone sharing time with their friends and relatives.

    Again, I hope that you and 'Sue' are able to find a place that fits your personalities better. Thank you, Donna

  • Witches Brew


    I went there last night for the first time and I thought it was absolutely amazing.

  • Root Cellar Herbs & Ferguson Tearoom


    Over-priced and lack of good management. Telephone is rarely answered, and calls are returned days later, if at all. Would not recommend.

  • Cha-An


    I had a wonderful respite at Cha An. After going around the East Village in the hot sun with the hustle and bustle yet the unfamilar faces on the street I chanced upon this little teahouse on the second floor walk up. I was very curious to see the inside. The entrance seemed mysterious because of the various cloth curtains one has to pass through to enter. I felt like entering a secret world. And once inside I was so calmed and pleasantly surprised by the decor. The soft ligthing, the natural material, and gracious hostess all made this an exceptional break. I had the sasame creme brulee which was rich but good, and a habiscus cranberry cold tea. Unfortunately after I went home, I had very bad diarrhea, but I think it must have been from eating at Ofuku, the open air stall just a couple store down the line. Cha An is a wonderful place to catch up with an old friend who could talk very easily with you.

  • Ono's Cafe


    This place is very expensive although the atmosphere is nice.