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  • The Sanctuary Tea Room


    I took my daughters to the Sanctuary this summer for a special treat. We were truly dissapointed. We ordered Shepherd's pie that was on the menu but not available so we ordered soup which we had to ask for three times before it actually was brought to the table. The children's tea was a peanut butter an jelly sandwich served on Wonder bread (I would at LEAST expect homemade) and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and something resembling a brownine (very burnt). Our server knew we were dissapointed but did not seem to care - I got the impression that she was an owner. We were there for 2 1/2 hours, most of the time without benefit of tea or the items we ordered. I have been watching this site and have been amazed by the reviews, my step-mother is a Red-Hat lady in Grove City and her group had apparently decided to come to the Sanctuary. But after talking to others, they decided after hearing about the quality of the food and tea they would stick with another tea room. It seems that the local community knows that the Sanctuary is over priced and over rated.

    Tearoom response:

    We are sorry that after so long Megan still feels this strong about her trip to The Sanctuary Tea Room. In answer to her specific items:<BR> We ran out of shepherds pie only on days we had many guests who ordered is not a summer food, so we did not make as much each day in the summer as we did in winter so it would always be fresh. This happens at all resturants sometime or other. We had a very large menu with many other items to choose from. The owner was not her server, as we did not do serving duties. I did hostess and cash all guests out and I do not remember anyone ever mentioning the complaints she has noted here as we would have attempted to make it right had she told us at the time of her visit. The menu indicated the childs tea was PB&J, so if they did not want that I am not sure why they would have orderd it with so many other items to choose from. We did not use Wonder Bread this summer, nor did the menu indicate the bread was home made and we did not serve burnt desserts. Many of our guests came and stayed for much more than 2.5 hours because they wanted to... if I saw someone in the tea room for 2.5 hours I would not have thought them distressed, but enjoying themselves. (Unless they mentioned otherwise.) Many Red Hat groups from Grove City and else where came enjoyed and came back, many of them serval times as did MANY of the local community...Never once were we told that the prices were too high or that we are overrated. Megan stands alone.<BR> Marsha Heim