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Molly Heinisch   

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  • Tea's Me


    Our Tea was fantastic, the food was great and our server (I didn’t catch her name, but she had blonde hair) was wonderful. The problem came as we were wrapping up our service. We had asked for one last pot of tea, when Julie (the owner) came to inform us that there was another party scheduled to use the room we were in. We understood this issue and most of us were reaching for our wallets to pay the check and leave, when Julie continued to make the point that we were running over our time because we had arrived late. We arrived only 10 minutes late. The way this news was delivered made our party feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and embarrassed. I made a suggestion in a separate message to Julie, that if 10 minutes makes that much of a problem for her, she should probably allow more than an hour and a half for her tea service (especially as that also apparently includes her alloted time for clean up and set up). I hope she takes this advice, however this will not affect me as I will no longer be a customer of hers due to this experience.

    Tearoom response:

    Out of 26 reviews you and friend Tamara Schlyper are the only ones to be upset about your experience.

    You had a 1:30 reservation, you arrived at 1:45. We allow 1.5 hours per seating. We had a group coming at 3:00 who we had to call to tell we may be running a little late. We still let you stay until 3:15 which is an hour and half. There was not time for another pot of tea. The group coming in had to wait another 15 minutes while we cleaned up after your group. This made the next group's Tea start 30 minutes after their reservation time. How's is that fair to them? Your attitude and behavior was WRONG and is very rude and inconsiderate for others who were coming ON TIME to enjoy the experience. Most tea rooms do the same thing allowing 1.5 hours per seating, many have fixed seating times and won't even seat you if you are late.

    As far as us allowing more time for seating, you needed to allow yourself more time to get here. Everyone today with the exception of your group arrived before their reservation time and we had 3 full seatings.

    Sorry to hear you or your friends won't be able to come and enjoy our 'fantastic food' and 'wonderful service'.