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Mrs. Mary Weiler   

User's reviews

  • High Tea Cottage


    I feel I must reply to Pam listed 2 down. I must defend the tearoom as I know the owners will not leave a response. The High Tea Cottage is excellent in every regard! A most relaxing atmosphere, it is a wonderful place to meet with friends over tea and unwind. They serve delicious made to order food, the menu and variety of tea's to choose from is exceptional, Jenn and Ken have always gone out of their way to serve my needs and those of family and friends we have gone with. There is an exceptional amount of service here from the choosing of your teas where you are allowed the pleasure of smell them to the taking of the menu through to the personalized service of each course served. If there was no service you would receive nothing here!. Teamap is not the place to make personal, spiteful and horrid insults. Jenn is the most caring and generous person you could meet, they give gifts at Birthdays and even a lovely welcome gift if it is your first visit, they also donate to fundraisers with the community and will invite elders to come for tea gratis to enjoy the surroundings. To wish a business goes out of business just goes to show your lack of intelligence and your vile personality. I don’t believe you have even been to this lovely Tea House. They have a following in the thousands, and as for your comment about the police, we have often seen the police dining there in uniform and out of uniform, they are loyal customers who are as impressed with Jenn and her graciousness and quality of this Tea Room as all of us are. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is delightful! I've been to numerous tea rooms all over this country and you can't beat this one. We will definitely come back…often and others should see for themselves how a successful business is run.