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Nancy Moore   

User's reviews

  • The Sweet Life Cafe


    I have never been so disapointed in a Tea before. As we got there a little early, after a 30+ mile trip, I ordered a glass of white wine while I waited on the porch, in the hot weather, for our room to be made ready. Imagine my surprise to be told there was NO WHITE WINE left in the restaurant! In the middle of summer, white wine is the wine of choice for most ladies. I was offered an apology, and a red wine by Brian, the only helpful person I encountered in the restaurant. The choice of teas was deplorable! We were offered a black tea, with some Early Gray in it, and a roobois tea, that's it, 2 choices, and it was served warm, not hot. There was quite a wait before we could even ask for a second cup. I was told there was cream and lemon in the hall, where the tea food was served. Never found it. The food was mediocre at best, 3 types of sandwiches, and 1 type of scones, not much variety. And served as a buffet of all things! My tablemate had tea spilled all over her silverware still wrapped in paper napkin, and no apology, nor replacement was given! The final insult came with desert, the cream puffs were still frozen inside. I found no one, except Brian, to be friendly, helpful, or welcoming. NEVER again will I atend another tea at the Sweet Life cafe.