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  • Tea Leaves and Thyme


    My daughter is 8, and for her 8th birthday her plan was to have a sleepover with 2 of her best friends, and then go to tea the next day. The staff was amazing at making my little girls feel like little southern belles. They were very accomadating for a busy Saturday afternoon. I do have one suggestion however. It might not be the norm, but I have 2 nieces and another daughter who are all 3 and under, and they are very well behaved when on outing. However, They cannot seat in regular seats yet. This tea house has no toddler seats or chairs. I would suggest they maybe get at least a few. If not for any other reason then for adorable big sister and baby sister tea parties. We would visit the tea house much more often if I didn't have to worry about where to sit my 8 year olds baby sister.